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Noosa, QLD 2011

This was the first Noosa retreat at a brand new venue, and it was a very special event with a group of AMAZING ladies! One of the treats for me, doing this work, is being able to meet such beautiful people and share the experience together. This was an incredible group of open-hearted, loving and supportive women – it was truly a special experience. I wasn’t sure whether to call this the “crying retreat” (in a good way!), the “hugging retreat” (that was definitely a good thing!) or the “sponge” retreat where all the information shared was just soaked up!! It is lovely to be able to share my knowledge with people who are so open to receiving it and taking it on board. A very special thanks to the Embracing Life! Team of Belinda and Ange, it’s so wonderful to share these retreats with such great friends (who work SO hard and give such loving support to myself and our guests) – thanks so much, xxxxx 

Anyone who needs to know about nutrition and wellbeing would love this retreat. Leisa has an absolute mountain of knowledge and expertise which she generously shares. The food/juices are nourishing and more than enough to satisfy. The food preparation with Belinda was excellent as was the yoga with Ange. Three beautiful women. There were 10 of us, different ages, lifestyles, but all generous with their love and laughter. A memorable week!

Dearest Leisa, WOW! Having just turned 46 I was ready to embrace the next part of my life differently, but really didn’t know how to go about making the changes I wanted. Doing the juice detox made everything so much clearer and Leisa’s amazing knowledge and guidance completed the picture I was looking for. I feel fresh, clear and inspired to move into the next phase of my life confidently. I absolutely loved the retreat and the beautiful people I met. I never knew raw food could taste so good. Belinda has sparked my ‘inner Nigella’ and Ange gave me back my love to stretch and simply be. Love and Gratitude.

Leisa Wheeler is so inspiring and her lectures and knowledge are inspiring, encouraging and motivating! Add to that the beautiful juices on the 3 day detox, which surprisingly was not hard at all. The raw food was delicious and again encouraging to go home and introduce into my diet. The food preparation classes made this even more believable. I loved meeting and getting to know the other women and I believe forming some life long bonds of friendship. I would highly recommend this retreat for people who would like to improve their quality and length of life by improving their health.

Wow what a fun and fab way to learn about detoxing. The food was very good, the juices excellent. I feel more like the person I want to be. Now I go back home to implement some of the great food and ideas shared this week.

I have had an amazing week of cleansing, new friendships, delicious juices, smoothies, raw meals and desserts, and time for me. Great knowledge from Leisa that she shared with us was also valuable. Thanks for a great service that is much needed!

This was my first retreat as such and I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought I may get a few headaches, aches and pains, hunger pangs and the like, but the experience went far beyond any of that. Rather than being just a physical detox, it was a mind, body and spirit detox. Emotions I hadn’t dealt with for years were brought to the surface and released in a nurturing, holistic environment. Leisa and her team are so knowledgeable in not just detoxing and raw foods but of the benefits of good wholesome nutrition, a lifestyle including movement and relaxation and nurturing of one’s self. I highly recommend Leisa’s retreat, or any opportunity to hear Leisa talk about health, for anyone wanting to experience life to its fullest, maximise their energy and one’s true potential.

This retreat was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life! Finally I have the tools and knowledge to be the most healthful person I can be. I went through so many emotional and physical challenges and the whole time I was supported, nurtured and kept safe. Leisa has brought together all the little bits of knowledge and information that I have gathered and made them one big wonderful, joyful ray of sunshine in my future health, and has given me the gift of hope of a joy filled, vibrantly healthy future. The assistants Ange, and Belinda were an incredible blessing and the food they prepared was sensational and filled with love. I thank God for the day I found you! My love.