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What a wonderful time we had at the magical Busselton WA Retreat! It was such a highlight to be able to explore a little piece of the southwest of Australia and enjoy the amazing people that we were absolutely privileged to spend time with during this awesome retreat. We loved this area of WA so much we’ve decided to definitely come back again every year and stay for longer! Thank you to all the beautiful souls who shared such touching comments below. You are SO appreciated.

I am definitely on my way to achieving the goal I set out for – more energy and feeling so much clearer in myself. The three day juice fast wasn’t difficult – I actually enjoyed it!! This was then followed by the most amazing raw food I could imagine. I totally admire Leisa’s energy and passion and also she is so practical and down to earth in the way she imparts so much knowledge. Throughout the whole retreat, caring support was abundant from Leisa and her team. Jo is such an amazing “all-rounder” – exquisite chef, yoga teacher, art therapist (can I take her home please?!). It has all been fantastic, amazing and truly worthwhile.

Leisa Wheeler’s Retreat at Busselton provided so much more than I expected. Leisa is a wonderful and talented educator who’s understanding and passion for health is immediately apparent, so not only does she teach you about the way our health is impacted by the lives we lead, she explains & demonstrates how we can take charge of our own health in very practical ways. The week long retreat provided access to other professionals, including massage therapists, yoga instructor & chef (Raw Food).

I left the retreat rested, pampered & along with great raw food meals to remember & copy, Leisa provides a blueprint for health, including the baby steps required to “embrace health”.

I had a truly wonderful time and was literally blown away by the depth of knowledge Leisa has on so many issues – there was never a question asked that Leisa could not address. From the guidance and support, the beautiful healthy food, to the organisation of lectures and treatments, and the information to take home – not a single stone is left unturned in the organisation and execution of these retreats. I felt safe, nurtured, educated, enlightened and revitalised. The people attending the retreat and the organisers have become close and many new friendships have formed. A truly worthwhile… no, essential, experience! Thank you Leisa!!! And thanks too, to William, Georgie, Margret and Jo!

This was the second Embracing Life! Retreat I have attended in W.A. After a fairly emotional year which has included (just to mention a few!) the health decline and subsequent death of my father and having to place my frail Mum in a nursing home as a result, the loss of our two beautiful and much loved family dogs – aged twelve and fourteen, and major surgery for me. So I was so grateful to have had another opportunity to again detox, de-stress, relax and be nurtured in such a supportive and conducive environment. Once again it allowed me to heal myself and put my life back into perspective.

I truly believe that everyone should experience this Embracing Life! Retreat! It is such a holistic approach to health and healing. It is a chance to get in touch with your true inner being and to be able to come away lighter in weight, cleansed in body and clearer in both mind and spirit. I was feeling bloated, sluggish, depressed and totally ill at ease with myself after such an awful year – where unfortunately I let slip all the greatness I had learned from participating last year.

Just as the previous time, the structure to each day had the right balance of valuable activities, informative group sessions and free time – in fact I enjoyed the beach even more this time! Leisa’s attention to detail – from the retreat “show bags” – loaded with lots of goodies on arrival – to the invaluable hand-outs and resources lists, and the colour co-ordination on the tables – complete with flowers; coupled with her gentle and caring disposition ensured an empowering, inspiring and stimulating experience. Leisa is indeed an Angel in disguise!

Leisa also created a wonderful relaxed, informal atmosphere and assembled some amazing therapists and a brilliant support team; including the amazing Jo with her experience in such a vast array of modalities; and thanks to Margret & Georgie for their expertise; Elle’s amazing massage and to the wonderful William!

If indeed you want to heal you body, mind and soul, you won’t be disappointed with what you will learn and experience with Leisa and her team whilst you embark on a wonderful and fulfilling journey towards health and in turn a more productive lifestyle. The Embracing Life! Retreat is a truly wonderful experience, a chance to learn, heal and detox with a group of like-minded and inspired people all wanting to change.

Hopefully, in the near future an even greater number of people will be more enlightened towards the principles of the Embracing Life! Retreat and can take charge of their own destiny, instead of giving it over to members of the medical fraternity who do no always deal with all matters of health in the most holistic manner.

I have re-affirmed all the skills and knowledge from last year to again take with me to enhance not only my life – but also that of family and friends from here on in. Congratulations to you Leisa, for following your dream and being such an inspiration, thereby helping others on their path towards achieving optimal health, vitality and wellness! It is now thanks to Leisa and her wonderful team that I have a new “Leis-a-life”!

The Embracing Life! Retreat was a great experience. Not only do you get to do a detox, you are also provided with a lot of invaluable information to assist with your journey going forward. The retreat has introduced me to a whole new world of raw food. Who would know you could create so many interesting and varied recipes! A big thank you to Leisa and the team for a fantastic week.

Thanks Leisa for a wonderful experience, I met such lovely like-minded people just when I felt alone in wanting to eat raw food and detoxing. I fell that I have direction in my life again and I know what I want to do. I can’t thank you enough for that Leisa, I will definitely be back at the next retreat in WA.

My first detox was in a supportive group environment. This helped overcome the cravings for food, and any feelings of being unwell. Leisa advised how to overcome these and gave remedies where necessary. All lectures had informative notes, but if your detox had you resting, you weren’t pressured to attend. Food preparation classes were practical and had recipe ideas. Meditation and Yoga sessions made for a good balance between lecture sessions. The retreat has helped to make lifelong plans for health and well being for self and family.

In November I held a joint retreat with Sandy Forster, author of “Wildly Wealthy Fast” and we had a healthy, wealthy time in the beautiful Uki rainforest.

Thank you for a fantastic retreat. I learnt so much about raw food and the way it can be easily embraced in my life. I feel fantastic and healthy through and through – Leisa is so very knowledgeable and nurturing as we took our detox journey. It was so relaxing with the free time given. An inspiring 6 days that I will encourage everyone to give this gift of health and wealth to themselves.

I truly enjoyed my experience at the Embracing Life! Retreat. It was wonderful to be pampered and nurtured and have someone else prepare the food! What a gift to myself. I feel invigorated and ready to lead a more healthful lifestyle.

Thank you Leisa for a wonderful week. You have given me an insight to a whole new world. I think you are an amazing person. I have had a great week and met some truly awesome people.

It is awesome! I had a wonderful time. It is great to feel so healthy! Leisa is a great person to be around and her energy is very supportive and nurturing. I would recommend the retreat to anyone looking to improve their health and have time out to relax and rejuvenate!

Leisa’s knowledge, passion and dedication make this retreat a wonderful, life changing experience!

Thank you Leisa for sharing your knowledge and healing me – in the form of sending me on the path of Raw Food eating for health, happiness and love. The personal experiences you shared with us was so comforting, just knowing your path wasn’t easy and similar to many, many others, was liberating. Thank you for being YOU – you are a beautiful person who has touched the lives of many and helped and healed in many ways.