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Embracing Health Detox, Healing & Raw Food Retreats

Leisa Ravenscroft, founder of Embracing Health, is proud to share with you a fresh, innovative style of health retreat.  Departing from the rigid ways of “right” and “wrong” which have pervaded the older mind-sets of healing, Leisa has brought to life a new approach to the concept of a healing retreat - designing a program that empowers participants with knowledge that opens them to a higher awareness of what healing really means.

This is the health retreat experience you have been looking for. A chance to escape from the world, to rest and relax. To take time out, to learn about healing foods and how they can enhance your health. To connect with like-minded people, and be inpsired with new knowledge. And most importantly, to get back a sense of peace, a true sense of self that can be lost in a busy life.

Healing with whole foods is only one part of the Embracing Health Retreat, where as much emphasis is placed on feeding the mind, understanding the emotions, and nurturing the soul, as is placed on supporting the physical body.


Not bound by any one strict doctrine, Leisa has woven together the best of the natural medicine world, blending the fields of detoxification, the secrets of superfoods, the art of raw vegan gourmet cuisine, and the healing power of wholefoods, into a delightful week-long or more living experience of food as medicine.

Daily lectures on a range of health subjects cut through the confusion; yoga and meditative walks centre the mind; healing massage soothes the body; discussions on the role of emotional healing provides sustenance for the soul; and plenty of personal time gives you the space to really rest.
With dedicated attention to every detail of your raw food retreat, you will find the information, the beautiful settings in exclusive boutique resorts around Australia and in Bali, the food, the support and complete experience will surpass every expectation you ever had about what a week in a healing space should be.
You deserve to take some time out to experience the divine combination of pampering, detoxification, education, rest and inspiration that a week with Leisa and her team will bring. We look forward to seeing you there.

Byron Bay Retreat Group

Dear Friends,


Thank you for being here to read more about my detox, healing and raw food retreats.

For the past 30 years I have been an enthusiastic student of natural medicine, leading to qualifications in naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine and massage. Alongside my formal qualifications I have also studied extensively in areas such as personal development, emotional healing, raw food therapy, metaphysics and much, much more. This fascination with the healing potential of the human body has led me to sort through the masses of conflicting information on health, searching for the gems of wisdom from the ages that can make a true difference in people’s lives.

For many years I worked as the consulting naturopath for Hippocrates Health Centre (one of Australia’s leading health retreats at the time) encompassing a strict raw vegan detoxification program based on the living food philosophy of Ann Wigmore. There, I was able to utilise my diverse skills – supporting people through the detox process, lecturing on the principles of health and the emotional aspects of healing, and counseling people on health and life matters. People came to the centre with chronic and often life-threatening illnesses, challenging me as a naturopath to develop protocols and strategies for healing that stretched my knowledge into realms that many naturopaths do not get the opportunity to explore.

My days at Hippocrates ended when the owners of the centre retired and closed the retreat part of their business, but my passion for educating people on health and healing could not be quenched. I decided to continue my life’s work and created my own naturopathically designed retreat program, culminating in the development of several exclusive retreats a year being held around Australia and in Bali.

I have incorporated all the elements that transforms my program from just a health retreat, into a life-changing experience. You will be delighted with:

  • the vitality and energy you feel after a week of cleansing on whole, raw gourmet foods, juices & smoothies;
  • the wealth of information you receive not just in the daily lectures, but by being a part of a friendly, like-minded group discussing all manner of healing concepts;
  • how incredible you feel after your deep-tissue massage;
  • the inspiration you gain in the presentations on emotional healing and the guided meditations;
  • the re-connection to your body awareness from yoga, walks in nature, sauna and pool time;
  • the rejuvenation you feel from plenty of personal space to rest, sleep, journal or lay by the pool in the sun.

After a week of dedicated attention from myself and my team, you will feel ready to leap, turbo-charged back into life!

No matter whether you are looking to learn about food and health because of an illness, simply for your self and your family’s benefit, to have a healthy holiday and participate in a professionally run detox program or whether you just want to rest and relax at a retreat where everything is provided for you – you will find it at the Embracing Health Retreats.

Let me go into a bit more detail about what you will enjoy as a welcomed guest at my retreats:

Being a Taurean, I am a lover of beauty, and I strongly feel that if we are detoxing and healing, then let it be in the very best of surroundings.  My commitment is to source boutique resort locations around Australia (and overseas), that can cater for small groups of guests and accommodate us in a setting that is uplifting and inspiring - whether it is getting back to nature at the magnificent beaches of Byron Bay, or relaxing by the pool in a more luxurious Balinese resort.

My background prior to becoming a Naturopath was in hospitality, and I have worked in the management team of some beautiful 5 star hotels across Australia. I know those special touches that turn a stay from just accommodation, into an experience where you feel valued and all your needs are met. My aim in searching out those special places to hold my retreats is for the location to enhance our event and be a part of the enjoyment.

Tallow Beach

A reteat with me will feel like a holiday – not a dismal and regimented boot camp – but at the same time you will be enrolled in a dedicated health program that will leave you feeling more refreshed than any holiday you have ever been on.

At this time my retreats for 2016 are currently being held in Byron Bay, NSW; Ubud, Bali; and Busselton, WA, with retreats being planned for New Zealand, Kakadu National Park and Hawaii in the near future.


If you are new to raw food and were expecting to be eating boring lettuce and carrot sticks at the retreat - think again! You will be amazed at the variety, flavours and quality of the juices, smoothies and raw food meals produced by the Embracing Health Retreat Chef Andrea and her dedicated team.

Yes, we will be doing some juice fasting for the first few days, but don’t be alarmed if you have never juice fasted before. Most first-time guests haven't, and are very surprised at how easy it actually is. We will be using the freshest organic ingredients to make a diverse range of tasty (but medicinal) juices that are healing, nourishing and satisfying. Juices are served several times a day to make sure that you are nutritionally replete and well-hydrated.

You will discover the art of juice fasting and will learn which ingredients provide valuable nutritional elements, which combinations support particular organs of the body, and what juices to use for various common ailments. Your first main lecture will be on the principles of detoxification, where you will learn everything you need to know about why we juice fast, how detoxification happens, what is involved, how we support the body during the process, and what results to expect.

On the non-juicing days we will be enjoying the finest in gourmet raw food – you won’t believe that raw food can taste so good! Continuing with the detoxification and healing process there are no animal products, dairy, wheat, sugar or cooked food served at the retreat, and fats are kept to a minimum to enhance the detoxifcation powers of the wholefoods used during the retreat.

Chocolate Chia Pudding

That doesn’t mean that the food will be without taste or flavour though! I will let you into a little secret - there will be chocolate at the retreat! Not everyday store bought chocolate of course, but the very best of organic raw cacao that is prepared to satisfy the most dedicated of chocoholics. During the retreat we will be showcasing a range of creative juices, smoothies, entrees, mains and desserts that are easily prepared from whole, healthful foods and superfoods.

Food Prep Class

During the retreat you will not only be enjoying the innovative raw food dishes, but you will be also learning how to prepare them in food preparation classes with myself and our talented Embracing Health Chef. These classes will take you step by step through the process of creating simple, tasty and healthful recipes using organic wholefood and superfood ingredients. You will receive the recipes and will be able to watch the process of making them, as well as exploring kitchen tools and equipment, how to create a pantry list and recipe file, as well as tools and tips for transitioning to a more healthful diet.

During the retreat I will be presenting a lecture on superfoods – those foods with powerful healing properties that can make an impressive impact on your health when included as a part of your diet. You will get to sample some of these superfoods and learn about their individual benefits and qualities for both healing and enhancing your health.

We will also discuss food as medicine and different dietary healing regimes, learning the reasons why people heal on a variety of diets – from macrobiotic to ayurvedic, from paleo to raw vegan. We we will explore the elements they have in common and which type of program has the most powerful healing benefits when it comes to detoxification.

Matcha Green Smoothie

Rather than laying down a doctrine for you to live by for life, we will explore our own body’s wisdom when it comes to food, looking at the social, ritual, instinctual, pleasurable and nurturing aspects of food in our lives. We discuss what the marketing of food as a commodity, rather than as life-giving sustenance, has done to the quality of our health, and how to avoid the pitfalls of processed foods.

By the end of the retreat not only will you feel fabulous from your detox, but after separating the truth from the hype you will feel comfortable in being able to make good food choices for yourself and your family, without stress and confusion. Togther we will find the delight in food again.


At the Embracing Health Retreat there is a perfect balance between rest and activity, group interaction and personal time. The daily program encompasses the elements that ensure your experience is both relaxing and educational.

You will start off each day with a gentle yoga class, adapted for total beginners, those with injuries or ailments, as well catering for the more experienced yogis. The retreat is not a yoga based program designed to challenge your yoga skills, but rather, the yoga is incorporated as a daily practice to deepen your connection to your physical body, bringing awareness to your breath and being present to how your body feels each day. The movements are gentle and nurturing.

Interwoven between lectures, food preparation classes, meals and evening gatherings, will be free time for swimming in the pool or ocean depending upon the venue, walking on the beach, soaking up the sun, detoxing in the sauna, or having a massage or colonic hydrotherapy session. There is also time for an afternoon nap, resting or reading, writing in your journal, meditating or enjoying a lively discussion with your fellow participants.

Our evening get-togethers will feature either a meditation, a group discussion or we will watch a DVD on an interesting aspect of health. Depending on which retreat you attend, there are sessions such as breathwork, art therapy, sound healing or vision boarding for you to participate in.The focus is on rest and rejuvenation, so no heavy exercise classes or vigorous activities are planned, but there is enough in the schedule to keep you from ever being bored!


I believe as intelligent and discerning adults we can do better than to give away our power and follow teachers or healers who market themselves as the guru with all the answers, proclaiming that if the devout followers heed what they have to say, then eternal health will be theirs.

My philosophy and mind-set are along a different path. My aim is to empower you with knowledge so you are able to make your own informed decisions about your health. My goal is for you to learn to trust in your body again and forge a nurturing relationship with it, rather than seeing your physical body as an enemy out to harm you. I want you to be able to ask the right questions of your health practitioners and not be trapped by any one guru, book, diet or concept as the 'only' path towards health.

During the retreat my extensive knowledge and research on health and healing will be presented – not as a strict doctrine to follow – but as a summation of what I have discovered over the years to be the most honest and useful information. You will be encouraged to question, explore and challenge the ideas presented, and to discover your own truths within my findings.

There will either be two lectures each day, or one lecture and one food preparation class, and we will cover subjects ranging from:

  • Food as medicine
  • The art of detoxification and juice fasting
  • The philosophy of natural medicine
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Thyroid, adrenal and hormonal issues
  • Orthodox versus alternative medicine
  • Superfoods and antifoods
  • The emotional aspects of healing
  • Food preparation and planning
  • Tips for transitioning
  • And much, much more!

Comprehensive notes and workbooks will accompany each lecture, with references, website links and further reading to encourage your own exploration of these areas. I love to teach, so I am sure you will find my lectures entertaining, thought provoking and inspiring!

Myself and my team are with you for the whole length of the retreat, and from my experience there will no doubt be discussions on a wide range of subjects outside of the lectures, and a lot of learning and knowledge will be shared by both staff and guests during these times.

In Summary

By now I hope you have a feel for what I have created with my signature Embracing Health Retreats, and are looking for the specifics of how it all comes together. I would love nothing more than to share these special retreats with you, so here is the information that you require.

There is only one price to pay which includes everything you need for the retreat. No add-ons, no surprises. The price may vary according to the venue, length of retreat and inclusions, but I aim to keep them affordable so that guests can return each year as a part of their health maintenance regime. 

My standard six night retreats include: (see individual retreat pages for more information on longer retreats).

  • Accommodation
  • All food and drinks from arrival to departure
  • All activities including yoga classes
  • A one hour healing therapeutic massage
  • Two food preparation classes with our Embracing Health retreat chef
  • One magical sound healing session
  • Unlimited use of sauna (where applicable)
  • Unlimited use of resort facilities
  • Options for booking extra day spa treatments and colonic hydrotherapy where applicable
  • All workbooks and lecture notes
  • A gift bag on arrival containing lots of free goodies valued at over $100!

(Transport, phone calls, and extra services are at your own expense)

I encourage you to view the Testimonials Pages to read what other people have had to say about their Embracing Health Retreat experience. Here are a just a few samples of the hundreds of glowing testmonials you will find:


I thought my lifestyle was healthy and balanced until spending a week with Leisa at the Embracing Health Retreat at Uki. I have been inspired, motivated and educated to eat more raw foods. Her attention to detail was impeccable and I have come away feeling nurtured and energised. My experience here has been life changing!! Anyone wishing to improve mind, body and spirit can not afford to miss her next retreat. I will be back next year!”

Sue P, Sydney, NSW

"I'm worried I don't know enough words to describe the extraordinary experience I've had this week. Leisa's program not only teaches you about the mind and the importance of peace and laughter in your life as well. It's a gorgeous holistic experience! I came to the retreat quite sick with a flu, a sinus infection, a tummy bug, a rash and a sty (something was really trying to escape my body!) and by day three most of that had cleared up. I felt absolutely amazing by the end of the week and fully empowered to incorporate healthy changes in my life when I go home!

Leisa is so knowledgeable and whilst I've been reading about health and diet etc for years, I learned more and more every day. This retreat is truly magnificent and I would recommend it to everyone. You will absolutely love it!"

Leona M. QLD


"I decided to attend the Embracing Health Detox Retreat in Byron Bay when I lost my Mum after supporting her through an 18 months battle with cancer. My health had gone on the back-burner during this time and I had developed a very unhealthy relationship with food (as comfort). I was also the heaviest I had ever been and not feeling great about myself.

From the earliest correspondence with the Embracing Health team, my expectations have been exceeded. I felt very supported and all contact was very professional but also felt quite personal. During the retreat, I felt very nurtured, but mostly safe, as I was in very capable, knowledgeable & caring hands. I also felt very much at home with the other retreatees who were quite like-minded and much sharing of experience and knowledge took place.

The retreat was extremely well organised and thorough during the juice fasting, then the amazing raw meals, massage, colonics, sauna, exercise, education and spiritual healing. There was just the right balance of organised activities/lectures and relaxation time. We also had very regular access to natural health professionals to answer any questions, resolve any concerns and offer advice. I will definitely recommend this retreat to anyone who is interested in their natural health, and particularly if they are looking to have a bit of “me” time.

Thank you to the wonderful staff who made my experience so meaningful, and to Leisa and her team for developing such an amazing retreat. I feel very strongly that I am on my road to a healthier and happier future. I’ll be seeing you again, for sure!"

Amy F. VIC

"I came to the retreat exhausted, no passion towards life – I lost my mother 5 months ago as well – I was also very bloated in the stomach area, I’m a very low confident, low self-esteem person as well. After 6 days with the Embracing Health detox and healing team I can now go home with a lighter attitude towards life. I feel now I can grieve healthfully, and know that there are better, healthier options out there to cure illness. I’m very excited to go home and share all the information with my gorgeous family and implement raw food and juices in our home. I actually feel more alive that I have in the past 10 months. I’m so excited!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Leisa and the team at Embracing Health!"

Cherie C. QLD

Thank you!

I know the value that you will receive from your Embracing Health Retreat will be life-changing and a week that you will remember and treasure forever. I love what I do, and I hope that you take the opportunity to share some time with me at one of the upcoming retreats. For bookings, please head to the individual retreat pages below and secure your place for just $500:


For enquiries, e-mail:

To be nurtured,

to learn,

to heal,

to relax among friends,

to be inspired…

– to just BE!