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I came to the retreat exhausted, no passion towards life – I lost my mother 5 months ago as well – I was also very bloated in the stomach area, I’m a very low confident, low self-esteem person as well. After 6 days with the Embracing Health detox and healing team I can now go home with a lighter attitude towards life. I feel now I can grieve healthfully, and know that there are better, healthier options out there to cure illness. I’m very excited to go home and share all the information with my gorgeous family and implement raw food and juices in our home. I actually feel more alive that I have in the past 10 months. I’m so excited!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Leisa and the team at Embracing Health!

Embracing Life! is exactly what you feel after doing the detox plan. I would like one every year (something to work towards)! Keep up the good work.

I’d love everyone to realise how simple it is to go RAW. This retreat is my third, I have committed myself to a life of health and a keen sense to learn how to stay that way. Leisa and her team offer a wealth of support and information that inspires me to keep going. I love their attitude - that we heal when we are tuned in to ourselves, and it is each person’s potential to heal themselves. Bringing attention to a simple, clean, vibrant, easy, happy eating and feeling lifestyle is the answer for me!! A great sense of freedom!

This is my second retreat with Leisa. I am looking forward to my third already! The retreat gives you the space to cleanse your body, clear your mind and nurture your soul. A great experience!!

The Embracing Health retreat delivered so much more than I expected. The course content was comprehensive and I was so impressed with Leisa’s depth of knowledge and lovely manner! I also learnt so much from the other participants – an inspiring lot at varying stages in their health journey. I am now confident and excited to move forward in bringing raw veganism into my life. Thanks guys!!

Prepare yourself to be completely transformed. An opportunity to reconnect with yourself, take your health and well-being to a new level and detox in a very well supported environment. Leisa is a gifted teacher with a wealth of knowledge about how to heal our bodies. This is the place to go if you want to deepen your connection with yourself, others and the world. Absolutely divine!!!

From the beautiful food, the people and the staff, the experience was amazing. Leisa and her staff were amazing and looked after my individual needs and made the whole experience much more enjoyable. The experience has motivated me more to incorporate more elements in my daily life and am looking forward to my continuing journey in health and well-being. I will definitely be back!!

A beautiful experience, it comes close to being the best week of my life. Uplifting physically and emotionally!

Thanks everyone for such a great experience again. It was so great to have the continual support from everyone, and the connections made with people has been priceless. Definitely worth coming a second time and I’d be sure to com a third!!

I decided to come to Embracing Health retreat for a week of total relaxation and time out for myself. With my busy life I never take time out for myself, I am always putting other people first. This week at the retreat has been a wonderful experience meeting fantastic people. Leisa’s wealth of knowledge has been fantastic and I have come away with lots of new information. I would like to thank Leisa and her staff for a wonderful week.

This retreat was amazing. The package that Leisa has put together addresses all elements of a health detox. Every component is fine-tuned to address and support every individual as they progress through their detox/cleanse journey. Awesome!!

We have been on a journey of changing our health for a while and the retreat, I thought, was a good chance to have a juice fast without the hassle of doing all the work. The most enjoyable surprise was the extra I received that I was not expecting. The support from the staff was amazing. The information in the lectures from Leisa is invaluable, and the ability to have time to ask questions to back up what I had learnt through the years. The biggest surprise was to meet people we now call friends.

The retreat was a lot more than a detox of the body. It was also a wonderful detox of my spiritual life, bringing me back to balance with myself and my soul. The juices and raw food were amazing and the massage was life changing. Thank you for all the love and care.

I’ve been before – is there better feedback than that? Thank you Leisa and team for a retreat that surpassed my already high expectations xx

There’s only one thing to say (which doesn’t seem adequate enough!) and that is THANK YOU! I’ve had such a fabulous, informative week and am sure I’ll continue to practise the many beneficial aspects to improving my health and those around me.

What a wonderful time we had at the magical Busselton WA Retreat! It was such a highlight to be able to explore a little piece of the southwest of Australia and enjoy the amazing people that we were absolutely privileged to spend time with during this awesome retreat. We loved this area of WA so much we’ve decided to definitely come back again every year and stay for longer! Thank you to all the beautiful souls who shared such touching comments below. You are SO appreciated.