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Leisa and her team have crafted the most amazing, well-balanced, life changing program. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity and to have received the love and support I did all week. Leisa’s knowledge is limitless – her lectures were some of the best I’ve ever attended (and I have two Uni degrees). The holistic approach to detox and healing and rebuilding my health is just what I needed. I can’t sing praises enough for Embracing Health and will recommend it to everyone. I hope to return at least a few times over the coming years. Thank you for everything!

This retreat would have to be one of the best experiences I have ever had. This retreat will pinpoint a turning point in my life towards a journey of health, self-love and happiness. I have never been surrounded by such an amazing, caring group whom I wish to stay in contact with. Thank you for all your help behind the scenes to make this happen.

Leisa – Thank you for your support, you are amazing and such a caring soul.

Sam – I love you! Thank you for your wisdom, love and support and helping me through “my stuff”

Darby – You changed my life by releasing what I needed to move on and start my healing journey, so talented!!

Rhianna – thank you for being so approachable and for all your kind words and support.

Cat – please can I take you home !!! You have the ultimate gift, so talented, so passionate! Paulie – I’m sure you are just as amazing as Sam!

The Embracing Health, Detox, Healing and Raw Food Retreat attended in November 2013 was exceptional. The retreat was so very well organised and facilitated by Leisa Wheeler. I received an incredible amount of learning, personal discovery, health benefits, creative expansion, self-nurturing, fun and enjoyment. The raw juices and foods lovingly prepared by Cat Cannizaro were beyond amazing. Leisa Wheeler is a minefield of well researched and proven information. Her highly efficient and organised way of facilitating made for a highly informative and value-added week. The location of the retreat was ideal, alongside one of Australia’s best beaches in Byron Bay. Each participant also received a generous amount of extra bonuses and “goodies” which assisted us greatly in receiving maximum benefits throughout the week. With thanks and heartfelt appreciation to Leisa and her team of extra-ordinary experts who looked after us so very well.

My testimonial from last year still stands! A few further comments:- one of the things that impresses me the most about the Embracing Health Retreats is how much people change during the 5 or so days. Young people in particular, seem to arrive pale, pasty and withdrawn. When they leave they are upright, bright eyed and happy. Such transformations can be life changing and I am sure this happens for many participants. I know I have changed through the retreat experiences. What’s more, since I last came (14 months ago) I have not had a single days illness. Thank you.

This has been an amazing experience and I think that coming to this retreat with no expectations has made it even better. The holistic approach to heath has rewarded me with greater clarity about the people, foods and influences I want to have in my life. The whole team live what they do, and you can feel it. From the first bite of food, to the yoga practice, to the attentive words of the naturopath. One thing is sure, an environment is created for you to return, and just as importantly to learn how to just chill! They have so much knowledge and they really know their stuff. It is all of this that has made it an awesome experience. Keep up the passions!

Leisa’s 6 day retreat was a fantastic experience for me. Leisa has a beautiful and giving nature, she has an absolute abundance of knowledge of all aspects of health. The content that was covered at the lectures was thorough and incredibly useful to me. The retreat is a well-balanced package of detoxing, learning, healing, relaxing, being inspired, eating delicious raw food and being nurtured. The retreat participants were a lovely group of people, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the mutual leaning, healing and sharing in this life changing week. Leisa’s support team all did a marvelous job in looking after us and all our needs. I feel truly blessed to have had this amazing experience and look forward to putting all my new learnings towards further enhancing my health journey. Thank you Leisa – You Rock!!!

I came to the Embracing Health Retreat instead of going away to Schoolies, and although I was apprehensive at first when faced with 3 days of nothing but juice, my body is certainly thanking me for it now! I most definitely made the right decision, as I feel lighter, happier and more open-minded thanks to the great location, wonderful people and delicious food! Thank you to Leisa and all the other amazing staff for this wonderful experience.

Leisa and her amazing team lead you effortlessly through a week of detoxing, with abundant knowledge and support. Together with Cat’s spectacular gourmet food creating an uplifting, wonderful week! Thank you!

I have been to quite a few health/detox retreats over the past few years, so I ‘investigated’ different retreats before making my decision. When I read Leisa’s info on her Embracing Health Website, I knew this was my next venture. I chose the Bali retreat because of its longer length, as it would be a long flight (from Canada) either way… I was NOT disappointed! Bali has a beautiful energy and Kori Ubud was an amazing resort. Ten days of holistic health- the program was very well rounded with many things included in the base price. I had many enlightening moments with the informative lectures, felt great after the 5 1/3 day juice fast, thrilled with the next few days of raw cuisine, complete with the massages and colonics, surprised with the guest lecturers and healing modalities, and humbled with the Agni Hotra Ceremony. You will not be disappointed if you decide to attend the Embracing Health retreat- even when you travel 19 hours to get there, as I did!

I had been thinking about this retreat for 2 years and thought it was hard to find the time and justify spending the money on myself. However I am so glad I did. It was a very rewarding experience, for my health, meeting wonderful people, learning and enjoying! Leisa and her team nurture you from the start to the end of the retreat. It is wonderful value and there are a wide range of people at different starting points in their health journey who are taken care of and supported. Thank you!

Being almost, a septuagenarian (70 years of age), I would like to encourage those who are considering doing a retreat with Embracing Health and may be thinking that they are too old to take the ‘plunge’ and invest in themselves. You are worth it, and you will never regret it! Like me, I am sure that once you have experienced one retreat, you will return again.

An amazing retreat hosted by the most professional and caring people I’ve ever met in the food and health industry. There isn’t anyone who will not take home something special from these retreats. Thank you Leisa and all your staff and special thanks to Bali and the humble people that live there!