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Ubud, Bali 2013

I have been to quite a few health/detox retreats over the past few years, so I ‘investigated’ different retreats before making my decision. When I read Leisa’s info on her Embracing Health Website, I knew this was my next venture. I chose the Bali retreat because of its longer length, as it would be a long flight (from Canada) either way… I was NOT disappointed! Bali has a beautiful energy and Kori Ubud was an amazing resort. Ten days of holistic health- the program was very well rounded with many things included in the base price. I had many enlightening moments with the informative lectures, felt great after the 5 1/3 day juice fast, thrilled with the next few days of raw cuisine, complete with the massages and colonics, surprised with the guest lecturers and healing modalities, and humbled with the Agni Hotra Ceremony. You will not be disappointed if you decide to attend the Embracing Health retreat- even when you travel 19 hours to get there, as I did!

I had been thinking about this retreat for 2 years and thought it was hard to find the time and justify spending the money on myself. However I am so glad I did. It was a very rewarding experience, for my health, meeting wonderful people, learning and enjoying! Leisa and her team nurture you from the start to the end of the retreat. It is wonderful value and there are a wide range of people at different starting points in their health journey who are taken care of and supported. Thank you!

Being almost, a septuagenarian (70 years of age), I would like to encourage those who are considering doing a retreat with Embracing Health and may be thinking that they are too old to take the ‘plunge’ and invest in themselves. You are worth it, and you will never regret it! Like me, I am sure that once you have experienced one retreat, you will return again.

An amazing retreat hosted by the most professional and caring people I’ve ever met in the food and health industry. There isn’t anyone who will not take home something special from these retreats. Thank you Leisa and all your staff and special thanks to Bali and the humble people that live there!

My wife came last year with her mum and raved about this retreat. I thought I would have been starving during the 5 days of juicing. But the body adjusts and it was easy! It was organised to perfection with Leisa and her staff ensuring we had enough downtime between activities and lectures. I learnt so much, all the lectures were awesome. I will go home with so much info on how to be healthy and how to eat better. The juices/smoothies/raw food that Cat, the Chef, prepared were “TO LIVE FOR”. They were awesome!! So for all you males out there, it was an excellent retreat, regarded as one of the best of it’s kind. Other males also attend so you will not be alone. So get off your butt and give it a go. You will not regret it!

This is actually the second time I have attended this retreat in Bali. Last year I came with my Mum. It was a beautiful mother-daughter experience. Mum has an autoimmune disease which really worries me and I was always lecturing her about health and what she ‘should do’, so we came for a much needed break and for someone else to talk and demonstrate health to Mum instead of a nagging annoying daughter! I wanted Mum to FEEL the difference when you detox and feed your body what it needs in order to revamp and heal itself. After coming home a new person, I began to create new healthy habits in my life and this year I returned with my hubby. I raved so much about how amazing the retreat was and he was keen to experience it all himself, so how could I say no! We had the most amazing time. It was excellent to share and learn the importance of health in our lives together, and we had so much fun and met some amazing people along the way. Initially Mick thought “OMG 5 days without food and only juicing, I don’t think I’ll survive”. But it was a ‘breeze’ and as time passed, he was amazed at how good he felt. Every activity or talk motivated or resonated with us both in some way and by the end of the retreat we felt alive in so many ways, physically and mentally. An awesome experience. Thank you Leisa.