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Embracing Health Detox, Healing & Raw Food Retreats

Leisa Ravenscroft, founder of Embracing Health, is proud to share with you a fresh, innovative style of health retreat. Departing from the rigid ways of “right” and “wrong” which have pervaded the older mind-sets of healing, Leisa has brought to life a new approach to the concept of a healing retreat - designing a program that empowers participants with knowledge that opens them to a higher awareness of what healing really means.

This is the health retreat experience you have been looking for. A chance to escape from the world, to rest and relax. To take time out, to learn about healing foods and how they can enhance your health. To connect with like-minded people, and be inpsired with new knowledge. And most importantly, to get back a sense of peace, a true sense of self that can be lost in a busy life.

Healing with whole foods is only one part of the Embracing Health Retreat, where as much emphasis is placed on feeding the mind, understanding the emotions, and nurturing the soul, as is placed on supporting the physical body... Read more

Ubud, Bali

The Bali Retreats are being held in the beautiful town of Ubud, the artistic and spiritual heart of Bali. Tucked away from the busy tourist centres, Ubud embodies the charm and simplicity of life in magical Bali. Read more

Byron Bay, NSW

Byron Bay is the perfect setting to participate in a health retreat. There is a healing quality to this area that is unmistakable, you will recognise it as you settle into your beach cottage and breathe in the fresh ocean air. Read more

Busselton, WA

The beautiful Geographe Bay, two and a half hours drive south of Perth, is the venue for the WA Embracing Health Retreat, with their magnificent sunsets, beautiful beaches and warm, hospitable people. Read more