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There is nothing like WA in the spring time! It is one of my favourite places in the world, and it was a joy to be in WA running a retreat again. We had a great retreat, with a beautiful group of people, and the diversity of stories, histories and courage of the participants was amazing to behold. I’ve said it before, but it is always a joy for me to experience each retreat and I learn something special from the guests every time.

This is my third Embracing Life Retreat, I obviously enjoy them. But it is the ongoing motivation and the learning journey that is inspiring and helping me grow and grow, a great bunch of people on a common quest for better health. Then there is Leisa, a mentor to many, who lets you feel special, nurtured and safe, while learning about the health and journey of your body as it learns to heal. Everyone should do it at least once in a lifetime, although many come back again and again, I cannot imagine my life without this incredible journey.

I came on the retreat to learn about raw foods and how to detox correctly, I also hoped to lower my blood pressure. The retreat has been excellent and has met all my expectations, my blood pressure rose during the detox program, but had dropped about ten points by the end. I enjoyed the lectures, the instructors, the food and the company. Leisa is an inspiring person who ‘walks the talk.’ I highly recommend the retreat!

Thank you Leisa, I came to this retreat knowing a little and wanting to know a lot more about health and wellness. I never could have guessed how much this time could change me . Through the teaching, the nurturing, the pampering and the space to reflect, REALLY reflect on myself and my life situation, I have now mapped out a way to vibrant health and a long and happier life. See you next year! Thank you so much to you and your team of angels.

It is a real and true gift to be pleasantly, if not wonderfully surprised. The Embracing Life retreat proved to be a showering of gifts in many terms. There were, firstly, the people – amazing, funny, inspiring and knowledgeable beyond all expectation. Leisa’s expansive awareness of food and nutrition combined with Jo’s edible delights, ensured a full and thorough appreciation of real health and the role of raw food in making it a truth. Then there were the activities and indulgences to further nourish our souls and limbs, including yoga, massage of all kinds, facials, and long walks with the sand under our feet. And lastly but by no means least, was the time, the time to rest, time to ponder and plan, and time to share with other like-minded people. This retreat started as a treat to self – but to my great surprise I find that it is a gift I can take back and share with my family for better health. I now consider it an investment and look forward to sharing this with others. I very much hope to come back.

You’ve been a real catalyst in my journey Leisa!

Well done Leisa and your team. It only gets better. Being my second time to attend your retreat I had an idea of what to expect. A lot of the lectures were really good refreshers as the first time you only absorb a certain amount with it all being so new to me. You have a fantastic retreat, the longer breaks were great and I felt they worked well, allowing time for other activities – ( Just as important: the massages etc.) socialising with other participants and having a swim, getting some vitamin D.

I needed a break, my body needed a clean out, I loved the venue, the detox and education. Leisa is living her passion and educating guests at her retreat to move forward into a healther lifestyle at their own pace. I am thinking I should come yearly.

This is my second retreat and I will continue coming as it is absolutely fantastic, I feel so renewed and clean, and have loved learning abou the food and lifestyle to maintain it.

A Life Turning Experience.

I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful retreat experience. All the way through I felt in ‘safe’ hands and I feel this was because of your professionalism, competence and wholistic philosophy on health. It felt as though the place you came from has a solid foundation. You have been like a guiding light with your knowledge and wisdom, your openess and curiousity, your genoriosity and care and your authencity and passion – a joy to be around. I very much appreciated the warmth and approachability of all the staff – what an amazing team of people. This is a week I will take with me for the rest of my life – A heart felt thank you!

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful opportunity to be nurtured and nourished. I quickly trusted you and appreciated your professional attitude to giving us sound and detailed information. I aslo felt supported by your beautiful, loving and joyful staff. For the first time I feel hopeful and optimistic that I can change my life, really take some major steps to be and example of health and happiness to my family and friends. With gratitude and love.

I am very impressed by and grateful for your depth of knowledge and the level of support you offered us all. As Jen said, you are the embodiment of all you teach which makes the retreat all the more inspiring. Thank you to you and your wonderful staff for making this such a significant week.

This was an incredible retreat. I think we all went deeper into the detox that I have ever seen at a retreat, and that was due to a few special factors all coming together at this particular event. We had Darby Centra, an incredible Ka-Huna massage therapist who did some amazing healing work with each of our guests. His healing hands took everyone to another level – it was that transformative. We also experienced Kundalini Yoga with HarJiwan, a breathing and chanting yoga session that was a beautiful way to start the day – and with the colonic hydrotherapy on site, and the great Embracing Life! Team – we all created something very special.