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I arrived at the retreat on Sunday afternoon feeling stressed and exhausted and left feeling lighter in body, mind and spirit, rested and refreshed. Leisa’s wisdom, caring, generosity, thoughtfulness and attention to detail have made this a memorable week, far beyond my expectations. The beautiful setting, delicious juices and raw gourmet food and opportunity to spend time with a great group of like-minded people interested in health, have made this a truly remarkable week. Thank you so much Leisa.

Highly recommend Leisa’s retreat. Food is superb, detox programme is excellent, programme lectures are so informative, Leisa and her staff are so welcoming and accommodating. Meeting like-minded people and making new friends that you can help each other and exchange information is so helpful! Thanks Leisa and your team!

Leisa, Have been to many, many seminars, conferences and retreats and have been an event co-ordinator of a 4 day 250 people conference myself, I have been so impressed with your organisation, thoroughness and no stress shown. You have an excellent programme and you keep sending the message out! We are grateful for allowing us to have Rory attend. Jo, Belinda and Dorothy are an asset to your programme and team. Thanks to you all.

Leisa is such a caring and enthusiastic health practitioner who made all of us feel comfortable and important. I learned so much at the Embracing Life! Retreat and it all made so much sense. At times I’ve wondered whether detoxing really is that important since our body does it naturally anyway, but I’ve learned how important it is – not just theoretically, but from experience – from every single one of us in the group. We all healed in so many different ways. What we learned was empowering, but what we felt after the different therapies was amazing. Personally, I think the masseur had “magic” hands. It was wonderful to be with so many different people from all walks of life who were all interested in their health and supporting one another. Going to the Embracing Life! Retreat has helped me to continue my journey to better health and get encouragement from the others there.

I’m not good at writing these sorts of things, but I want to say it was a fantastic week of healing, education and fun. It reinforced my desire to continue on my journey of improving my health. Leisa was terrific, down to earth and very, very knowledgeable and helpful and supportive. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is interested in improving their health!

Everyone should do at least one Embracing Retreat, for me it is my 2nd and it just gets better. Leisa is a wealth of knowledge, sharing her own experiences. Retreat is very holistic in every aspect, support, love and compassion from all staff. Juices are superb, raw food so tasty and so well presented, right down to the food prep demonstrations and recipes provided. Then you receive ongoing naturopathic support from Leisa when you join the Embracing Health Membership Club on your return home. I will now be attending annually.

What an experience – absolutely amazing! Everyone should treat themselves to your retreat Leisa. I will certainly go away feeling more aware of healthy options with my diet and intend to make some changes. I’m sure attending your Embracing Life! Retreat will be a regular date on my calendar. Thank you goes to Leisa and her dedicated loyal team for an amazing retreat at Tallow Beach!

I came here feeling exhausted to the bone and had been for many months previously. Today in only six days, I feel new again, alive and fresh with a whole new bag of goodies I can take with me into my world to keep me healthier. Leisa Rocks! Thank you from my very being!!

It has been the best thing I have done. The workshops and education were fantastic also the raw food that we had was out of this world. I will definitely be incorporating raw foods into my daily life. As for Leisa –she is the most wonderful, passionate, knowledgeable person I have met. Her warmth, caring and compassion for health and wellbeing – words cannot describe. The whole experience was fantastic. I recommend everyone to experience this time with Leisa and her team

I came to Leisa’s retreat to try to get myself ‘back on track’ both physically and emotionally – and that’s exactly what I did. The integrated program covered many different aspects of lifestyle and healing, so as well as detoxing the body, we learnt and practiced how to nurture it for optimal health. We all took practical strategies away that we can incorporate into our everyday lives to improve our well-being and general quality f life. We also discovered that we are all capable of healing ourselves of virtually any disease (including cancer). I now feel confident that II can take control of my own health ( with some help along the way from Leisa) All the staff participated in the retreat with us (detox an all!) They were extremely professional, knowledgeable and caring. Thank you all. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything!

For the first time we headed to Victoria, to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula to run a smaller, more intimate retreat at the luxurious 5 star Peppers Moonah Links Resort. It was cold, but beautiful as we looked over the magnificent golf course from our private executive villa. It was a really lovely group of guests, and we connected very closely, being a small group. We look forward to heading back to this gorgeous part of Victoria next year! (P.S. the video camera with all your amazing testimonials died before I could save them – I’m still hoping there is a way, but unfortunately they may be gone… :-(

This retreat was a fantastic experience came feeling tired and left feeling energized.

I have done a lot of cleansing and detox retreats over many years, however this one was the most relaxing, easy and nurturing one of all. A great one if you are new to detox or even for the experienced. The lectures Leisa gavewere informative and clear it took my understanding of health and raw food to a new level.

Jo’s Art class and food prep classes were very insightful and a joy to take part in. The food that was prepared was amazing in taste and presentation. Ange was a great support and made it all very real if you were having trouble integrating raw food into your diet once at home. All the participants in the group were amazing and beautiful people, each one has touched my soul deeply.

Thank you Leisa, Jo and Ange for a most wonderful, caring, nurturing and informative week. I highly recommend this retreat to beginners and experienced people looking for a more healthy lifestyle and time out.

A life changing experience. I feel lucky to have learnt from Leisa, Jo and Ang. And am excited and thankful that I have done this at a relatively young age so I can look after myself and try and influence others that I care for. Thank you xxx

What a week this one was! The first retreat of the spring 2010 season, and we were chocka-block full for this one! And what great people came along. We shared something so special this week – that there are no words to describe it. We had our resident angel Roz come along with her son Gary who has some physical challenges, which the group just embraced. I’m sure Gary was there to open our hearts wide, and having him as a part of the retreat was an experience that none of us would change, as he taught us all something. Deb was our special guest yoga instructor and we enjoyed our Kundalini Beach Yoga immensley!

Learning to ‘Listen to our Bodies’ ‘Love Ourselves’ ‘Purify the mind and body’ ‘Accept Change’