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The six day detox retreat is a wonderful personal adventure and one receives a great sense of achievement after detoxing with juice fasting and moving into the experience of eating raw live food. A feeling of clarity and purpose unfolds, on so many levels, with an eagerness to implement lasting change into one’s nutrition. It is somehow no longer in the too hard basket and is exciting and uplifting.

Thanks to Leisa and her great enthusiasm for putting together this unique opportunity.

Another retreat at the beautiful Nirvana on the Sunshine Coast of QLD! It was a group of wonderful people who were mainly new to detoxing and the raw food lifestyle, and the way they embraced the knowledge and the process of detoxing was amazing to witness. We had a fabulous week, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Thanks everyone for the great testimonials below:

The first day of the detox was hard and I was not sure if I could do another two days – but the following 2 days got a lot easier and I could feel the benefits to my body. I lost the bloated feeling in my stomach and by the end of the third day I was actually wanting to go another one!

With the introduction of beautiful fresh Raw Food on the fourth day – WOW! It was like I could actually taste the individual flavours of each mouthful. It was like an explosion to my taste buds. I didn’t realise just how dead mine had been for so long! And the “Green Smoothie” – Yum!

My hair shines again and feels so soft, without any products! My skin has never felt or looked so fresh. I feel like a new woman!

I recommend a “Retreat” to EVERYONE!!!!

I was impressed by the tremendous amount of knowledge Leisa possesses, her passion about raw lifestyle, her spiritual and human background. She is a gentle, kind little angel who enlightens people around and shares her endless energy, making us better and healthier human beings on this planet. Thank you Leisa, Jo, Sally & Trish.

Thanks to Leisa and her passion for life, I have found a new life for myself and my family. To learn that I have been poisoning my family was a real eye opener for me. I will be going home to change our eating habits and look forward to many years of healthy, vitality life!

I was very impressed with the professional conduct of Leisa and the Staff. Leisa’s educational material was informative and interesting and very up to date! Personally I have valued the time away to recover, repair on all levels. I loved the introduction to Yoga stretches. The venue is superb, and a great lot of people. Thanks a million.

There is an old saying – nothing good comes cheap, there is another saying – you pay for quality. Embracing Life is not cheap BUT boy the quality is excellent. What is learnt is for a life time, so with saying that, it really boils down to very affordable.

The experience isn’t for the faint-hearted. You have to want to make the change to improve your health. The Embracing Life! Retreat was such a relaxing and restorative environment, and the support of the Embracing Health Team was priceless – I wouldn’t detox any other way.

There are not many words to describe the experience we shared at this Embracing Life! Retreat at Uki just over the border of NSW. It was a very special retreat, and whether that was due to being nestled in the rainforest at the foot of Mt. Warning, or due to the deep and heartfelt connection of the people who attended – it was an experience that I know touched us all and left us with a greater appreciation of life.

Although it sounds quite cliche, I am humbled and in awe of the beautiful souls who came together to share this space and open their hearts. It was transforming, life-changing and also a great deal of fun! Thanks to everyone who gifted me with their testimonials below:

A wonderful experience for my first healthy food retreat. The food was great and tasted wonderful and is so easy to prepare. Doing the three day fast (juice only) was a bit daunting, but by the end of the third day I had nothing to worry about. A very gentle fast with great results and I felt much better afterwards. The people on the retreat were absolutely marvelous and with their information and Leisa’s knowledge you wouldn’t need a pharmaceutical pill ever again!

This very special retreat exceeded my expectations on all accounts. The venue was peaceful and although there were minor issues with the accommodation, the rooms were comfortable and clean. The detox was gentle and the staff fully supportive and caring. The food and juices were of exceptional quality and variety.

Leisa ensured that the atmosphere was conducive to an enriching and life changing experience. The lectures were concise, well prepared and most importantly backed up by evidence. The balance between activities and free time to either rest or use the pool, sauna, steam room and spa was perfect with no pressure to participate if chosen. I had done a detox residential previously, but the way Leisa organised the six days was truly holistic in its approach and perfect to attain my desired results.

The participants of this retreat were all amazing people and everyone joined in and supported each other without any “cliques” forming, although we all came from various stages of knowledge, health, and walks of life. An annual event for my husband and I. Same time, same place next year! Namaste

I came here to just BE!

I learned!
I loved!
I laughed!

A lot.

I had been looking at several health retreats, as I felt the need to have a break from being a wife and mother and just be “me” for a while, when an e-mail arrived from Leisa telling us about the retreats she was now holding. As I had met Leisa in 2005 and found her to be very warm and caring, I jumped at the chance. Going away on my own for the first time was a little scary for me, but my fears were soon put to rest as I could not have asked for a more friendly group of people to be with, and the venue was lovely.

The knowledge that Leisa has with regard to health and well-being is truly amazing and her lectures very interesting and informative. The support through the week was wonderful and when we did finally eat food after the detox, it was fabulous. I found this week to be one of the best things I have ever done and I look forward to doing it again in the future.

I would highly recommend Embracing Life! Retreats to everyone.

This is my first retreat detox and I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge I have learnt , the amazing raw food I have eaten and the lovely like-minded people I have met. Congratulations Leisa, I’m so happy I met you.