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I thought that I was living healthy when I came to Leisa’s retreat, but… After learning about raw food, juicing and lifestyle changes that I needed to make in order to live in optimal health, I found out that everything I thought was healthy living wasn’t conducive to a long, disease free life.

I’ve always loved cheese, milk & yoghurt and through information gained from the Embracing Life! Retreat, I have found raw alternatives to enhance my life without losing taste and the “yummy factor”. I’ve studied Naturopathy in the past and I’m also a Beauty Therapist and Masseuse, so I plan to take the knowledge I’ve gained and with further research and fine tuning, hopefully share with others and help enrich their lives as this retreat has done with mine.

We kicked off Spring with a fantastic retreat at Nirvana at Coolum Beach in QLD. We had a very fun group of people share a fantastic week together and it was life changing for many involved. Thanks for your wonderful comments!

This six days has taught and inspired me so much. I am amazed at the information and knowledge that Leisa has passed on. She is an amazing role model and exposes her own journey in life also, which tells me that is why she is so understanding of other people’s ailments. I will be returning in 12 months as this is truly inspirational, releasing, and to be with like minded people is fabulous. Thank you Leisa from the bottom of my heart – continue to shine!

Leisa, thank you very much for offering your retreats. You have shown perfectionism at its best – your detailed planning, experience, knowledge and organisational talents have made the retreat a pleasure.

The selection of your team was excellent – Jo, Belinda and Trish were all very well trained, friendly and more than capable for all the tasks at hand. It is easy to imagine that the logistics behind the scenes included hard work, but this was hidden to us participants, allowing us a really carefree time. I am very grateful for your additional attention and help, when it turned out that I wasn’t coping so well with the juice fasting.Thank you for having reacted quickly and efficiently to getting me through the issues.

Your teachings were very enjoyable, covered many topics and were very well prepared and explained. The food you and your team prepared for us was excellent. Thank you for all the recipes, they’re a great addition to my collection!

The amount of ‘busy’ time compared to ‘free’ time was just right. Also it is really good that you’re offering walks, yoga, sauna visits, massage and the Art therapy class. I especially enjoyed the personal touch you have been able to give to the event, shown in ‘little’ things – the colour coding from binders to serviettes, the gift bag at the beginning and at the end, flowers, music, DVD’s…

Your love of what you are doing, and your dedication to the retreat and all of your clients is very visible and highly appreciated. Thank you for an unforgettable time, Leisa!

Thank you Leisa, Jo, Belinda & Trish. I believe I now have the information I need to take control of my own life.

Thank you Leisa for your passion, determination and quest for knowledge in this important part of our lives, & to create the retreats. They are such an important part of the process for people to learn how they can live healthier lifestyles.

The retreat created an almost ‘family’ type environment where everyone felt at ease to ask a question or share an experience.

Thank you for the time, effort & devotion you have put in to put the retreats together, in particular the bringing together of your knowledge and the important information you have learned from others that you have soopenly shared with us at the lectures – great notes. Well done Leisa & the ‘Team’

Dear Leisa. You are a warm and gracious leader, a skilled educator and a beautiful, beautiful person. Thank you so much for an amazing retreat,. It far exceeded all my expectations in every way. Many thanks also to the wonderful Jo, bubbly Belinda and your lovely mum Trish. I am so inspired by all of you, and so pleased I came to the “Embracing Life! Retreat”.

Following you “for years” through crossing paths at Hippocrates, this September 2009 retreat was a highlight The spirit, the charisma, the attention to detail, the amount of various things which were “put in”, the team with Leisa’s great leadership, the ambiance and the fellow guests made it what it was. I definitely plan to come back to the next retreat at Nirvana in six months.

Something good to do for your life. Leisa and her team are wonderful. It does get you thinking!

Well, what an action paced week! It has been both relaxing and exhilarating, from the yoga, the walks to the beach, to the meditation, the lectures and the massages. I came feeling very drained and tired and will return home feeling much different.

Leisa really knows her subject and has made a difference to the lives of everyone here this week. We are now armed with a huge amount of information to take back home and continue the journey to great health. I am looking forward to sharing the information with my family and friends. Thanks so much Leisa you are changing people’s lives!

Wow! This really took my awareness to a whole new level. The mix and the level of information that I received daily was inspiring and fortifying. This has helped me get to the next level in reversing Type 2 Diabetes and healing myself physically, emotionally and spiritually, with food and the awesome body that I was born into. Thank you for the inspiration, the hope and the many doors you helped me find & open!

Every time I run a retreat I am humbled by the beautiful, genuine and caring people that find their way to the retreat – and the groups below were no exception! We had a remarkable time together and shared a very special journey over the weeks, that I know we will all remember for a very long time. Thanks everyone for the awesome testimonials:

A big eye-opener! I’ll never see food in the same way again. The information is invaluable and Leisa is an amazingly gifted teacher. It’s hard to find someone who is as accepting, non-judgmental, willing to answer any question, and above all give you her time, knowledge and help in implementing new practices that work with your individual lifestyle wherever along the food journey you may be. Thanks Leisa and the Team!!!

Even though this is my second time around (how fortunate, I know!) what I have learnt there completely opens my eyes to the way everything around me and inside me works and should work. The lectures are phenomenal and contain a level of dense education that I really struggle to obtain elsewhere. These retreats held by Leisa and her amazing team, instill a sense of passion for what life should be like and show you how you can make that difference. Don’t be surprised if you see my face again Leisa!

The food, the juice, the accommodation, the team! Amazing! RAW talent! Thanks so much ladies!

I am so relaxed, calm and content and present it is almost challenging to focus on the details of the past week!

Wow…. It’s about time people had the opportunity to access a “lifestyle” health retreat of the next “evolutionary” level. Leisa truly has a passion for imparting her broad and extensive knowledge to people and by has successfully created a retreat program that allows one to directly experience the wisdom of her teachings.

I recommend Leisa’s Embracing Life! retreats to anyone and everyone who wishes to experience life as it was meant to be: full of vitality, joy, well-being and live! Keep ‘em coming Leis!