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Uki, NSW 2009

In November I held a joint retreat with Sandy Forster, author of “Wildly Wealthy Fast” and we had a healthy, wealthy time in the beautiful Uki rainforest.

Thank you for a fantastic retreat. I learnt so much about raw food and the way it can be easily embraced in my life. I feel fantastic and healthy through and through – Leisa is so very knowledgeable and nurturing as we took our detox journey. It was so relaxing with the free time given. An inspiring 6 days that I will encourage everyone to give this gift of health and wealth to themselves.

I truly enjoyed my experience at the Embracing Life! Retreat. It was wonderful to be pampered and nurtured and have someone else prepare the food! What a gift to myself. I feel invigorated and ready to lead a more healthful lifestyle.

Thank you Leisa for a wonderful week. You have given me an insight to a whole new world. I think you are an amazing person. I have had a great week and met some truly awesome people.

Every time I run a retreat I am humbled by the beautiful, genuine and caring people that find their way to the retreat – and the groups below were no exception! We had a remarkable time together and shared a very special journey over the weeks, that I know we will all remember for a very long time. Thanks everyone for the awesome testimonials:

A big eye-opener! I’ll never see food in the same way again. The information is invaluable and Leisa is an amazingly gifted teacher. It’s hard to find someone who is as accepting, non-judgmental, willing to answer any question, and above all give you her time, knowledge and help in implementing new practices that work with your individual lifestyle wherever along the food journey you may be. Thanks Leisa and the Team!!!

Even though this is my second time around (how fortunate, I know!) what I have learnt there completely opens my eyes to the way everything around me and inside me works and should work. The lectures are phenomenal and contain a level of dense education that I really struggle to obtain elsewhere. These retreats held by Leisa and her amazing team, instill a sense of passion for what life should be like and show you how you can make that difference. Don’t be surprised if you see my face again Leisa!

The food, the juice, the accommodation, the team! Amazing! RAW talent! Thanks so much ladies!

I am so relaxed, calm and content and present it is almost challenging to focus on the details of the past week!

Wow…. It’s about time people had the opportunity to access a “lifestyle” health retreat of the next “evolutionary” level. Leisa truly has a passion for imparting her broad and extensive knowledge to people and by has successfully created a retreat program that allows one to directly experience the wisdom of her teachings.

I recommend Leisa’s Embracing Life! retreats to anyone and everyone who wishes to experience life as it was meant to be: full of vitality, joy, well-being and live! Keep ‘em coming Leis!

We only live once so to be open to new ways, is I believe, a priority in life. Life is for living – and eating live food allows you to live in luxury and abundance. Leisa in her very caring and loving way shows us a new way – a new direction.

I am amazing how our body is open to be cured of any disease if we give it the best food. If you are looking at nurturing yourself and living a life of real joy and quality them come to a retreat with Leisa.

This was my first raw food retreat with Leisa. I had an amazing week, met fabulous people and learnt so much regarding healthy lifestyle, detox and raw food. Leisa covered a broad range of topics, providing practical information to assist us to integrate this as a way of life. I am really looking forward to participating in another retreat soon!

Everyone should do this raw food retreat! If you want to heal your body, mind and soul form the ground up, you won’t be disappointed with what you will learn and experience with raw food. Leisa is a fountain of knowledge and a benevolent soul who is sharing this essential information with the world. What you will learn at her retreat is invaluable – you’d be crazy to miss it!

Leisa’s depth of knowledge blew my mind – I was glued to the lectures. The food was awesome and the staff were fantastic. Anyone who has the slightest interest in their health must come to one of Leisa’s retreats. And make sure you bring your loved one along too – we must get this information out!

From our vodka drinking, meat eating girl, to our resident comedians, this was a retreat to remember!

I arrived at the Embracing Life Retreat in a mess. I have always enjoyed a great life full of joy and happiness. Then 6 months ago – I fell ill with several viruses. After several blood and urine tests – I was put on a series of antibiotics – which cleared up the first issue but left me with side effects which then required further medication.

Needless to say – when I arrived at the retreat in a desperate state, I had been feeling sick, lethargic and exhausted for over six months – which felt more like a lifetime.I came to the Retreat in desperation to try and sort out my continuous health issues.

What a great decision that was.

One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

After six short days of detox and health education, I am cured of all my side effects from the prescription drugs, I feel like a teenager again – full of energy and inspiration. I am sleeping well. It is truly hard to try and explain the difference it has made to my life.

As happy as my friends and family are – they are finding it hard to keep up with the new me.

Although I am only 49 years old – I am going to make sure the Queen has my correct mailing address so she can send the birthday card for my 100th birthday.

Thank you to Leisa, Sally, Jo and Trish for the most wonderful week. And for giving me back the joy of being alive. All my friends and family would also like to thank you.

Coming here was an awakening for me on many levels, firstly the importance of nutrition and body balance – emotionally, spiritually and physically.

The retreat has been a wonderful gift that has taught me to take time out to care and nurture myself on all these levels, so I can move on in a more empowered and healthy way.

I have met and shared stories and learned from Leisa and a whole bunch of wonderful, interesting and caring people. I am forever grateful for the tools you have provided and the direction of my first steps to embracing health on my journey.