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Byron Bay, NSW 2009

It is awesome! I had a wonderful time. It is great to feel so healthy! Leisa is a great person to be around and her energy is very supportive and nurturing. I would recommend the retreat to anyone looking to improve their health and have time out to relax and rejuvenate!

Leisa’s knowledge, passion and dedication make this retreat a wonderful, life changing experience!

Thank you Leisa for sharing your knowledge and healing me – in the form of sending me on the path of Raw Food eating for health, happiness and love. The personal experiences you shared with us was so comforting, just knowing your path wasn’t easy and similar to many, many others, was liberating. Thank you for being YOU – you are a beautiful person who has touched the lives of many and helped and healed in many ways.

I thought that I was living healthy when I came to Leisa’s retreat, but… After learning about raw food, juicing and lifestyle changes that I needed to make in order to live in optimal health, I found out that everything I thought was healthy living wasn’t conducive to a long, disease free life.

I’ve always loved cheese, milk & yoghurt and through information gained from the Embracing Life! Retreat, I have found raw alternatives to enhance my life without losing taste and the “yummy factor”. I’ve studied Naturopathy in the past and I’m also a Beauty Therapist and Masseuse, so I plan to take the knowledge I’ve gained and with further research and fine tuning, hopefully share with others and help enrich their lives as this retreat has done with mine.