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Ubud, Bali 2011

Our inaugural Bali Retreat was amazing! The first international Embracing Life! Retreat was held at Villa Gaia in Ubud, Bali and it was such a beautiful spot to do a retreat such as this one. It was eight nights long, and we participated in a four day juice fast, transformational breathing, daily yoga, massage, colonics, sound-healing and shopping trips, as well as learning so much in the lectures and the discussions we had. It was a fantastic group of people and we certainly formed a bond during the retreat, that I hope will endure for some time to come!


As an allopathic physician, I came to heal myself and also to learn about different approaches to health. Leisa did a great job of presenting thorough and balanced information about more holistic approaches to health and wellness, while respecting my professional background as well. This sort of collaboration is the way of the future and very important.

Leisa, You are a true inspiration. You are beautiful on both the inside and out and that’s exactly what you have helped me to do on this brilliant Bali Retreat. Words of love and thanks will never be enough for the joy and excitement you have created in me. This information you have provided will be so beneficial and helped me advance the raw food journey by a year. It really would have taken me a year of study and food preparation courses to bring me up to speed and where I leave this retreat. Without doubt this will be one of many more retreats I will be attending.

The retreat in Bali was an exceptional week. The food was outstanding – even the juices during the four day fast were enough to take away any thoughts of whole food. At the end of the week I felt brilliant. Full of energy and totally refreshed. The holistic approach of the detox, sauna, yoga and colonics was great, definitely need to get away to be able to do all this!

I came into this retreat with the lowest energy along with quite a history of anxiety and depression. I had experimented with many diets and alternative healing therapies as westernized medicine never worked for me. At first the juicing was not going down very well, but after the introduction of green smoothies I felt like I had struck gold! The regular yoga practice really helped get me balanced emotionally along with the healthy juices. After incorporating the raw foods, colonics and massages my energy sky rocketed! The daily lectures and group activities inspired me to actually WANT to feel healthy and energetic again. I am now wanting to take a yoga teacher training course and pursue a raw food diet as well as share all this information with my family and friends.

I am not new to Raw Foods but knew little about detoxification and retreats, so I was totally without expectations but very curious and eager to learn. Leisa is not only a charming, lovely person but a professional in her field. Her knowledge and expertise is nothings short of remarkable and her experience belies her young age. She presented what could have been boring lectures with charisma, credibility and profound knowledge. Her entire team did her proud – Leisa’s fierce passion and desire to help people comes across in everything she says and does with sincerity and truth. For me, it was a total “WOW!!!” experience and one which leaves me hungry for more. I pray future opportunities will manifest themselves to me – Leisa may tire of seeing my face again and again!