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Sunshine Coast, QLD 2011

What a great way to start the year! A fantastic group of people came together for the first retreat of the season, but it was tinged with sadness, as this was our last retreat at Nirvana Luxor resort. The resort has been sold and is being turned into permanent apartments, so we won’t be running any more retreat there – and will be searching for a new venue! There are many wonderful words that I could use to describe this group – but I think the words “Goddess” “moonlight” “ocean” and “naked” say it all!


Nancy and I had a wonderful week away in a beautiful location with beautiful people. The lectures were very informative and detailed which kept us both interested and entertained. Leisa is not only a wealth of relevant information relating to all areas embracing health, but someone who is down to earth and speaks from the heart. Thanks also to Jo for her yoga and good preparation demonstrations as well as Darby who gives fantastic massages. The venue lent itself to the retreat and it was really good to have the sauna available 24/7. We really recommend this retreat to anybody thinking about improving their overall health and well-being.

I have been transitioning to a raw food diet for about 18 months now and this retreat has helped me to take the final steps, to obtain my life style choice of mostly a ‘raw’ food diet. It not only provided me with a vast amount of information but also the motivation to take those final steps. Many thanks to Leisa and Jo.

I came to the retreat with Embracing Life without expectation – I had done a Google search and looked at maybe 6 or 7 options but this program seemed to have the right combination of things that I was looking for and it was the exact amount of money I wanted to spend. Now I leave after having an amazing week of beautiful juice and food and I mean beautiful! And I feel inspired with all the knowledge that Leisa and her gorgeous team shared. This retreat was way above anything I could have hoped for and I met such other lovely health travellers of all ages and walks of life. Without hesitation I would recommend this to anyone seeking change to their way of looking at food, health and healing, you will not be disappointed.

My experiences of Embracing Life! Has truly been phenomenal! I came here to try and help my IBS and digesting issues (which I’ve had for years and have tried every conventional way under the sun!) and in turn (with a few emotional issues) has caused depression/anxiety and extreme fatigue.

I was sleeping at least 14 hours, if life would allow me to, and constantly struggled to get through the day.

From my time at Embracing Life! Retreat I have been thoroughly educated in how to properly look after my body through food and emotional healing. The changes you feel within yourself and the vibrant energy you gain over the week is life changing! I have been wanting to get out of the bed in the morning and I feel vibrant and awake! And going for walks or a swim on the beach doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. By being good to my body, my body is being good to me! Thank you Leisa for giving me the opportunity to be able to come to such an amazing retreat. You and your team have been a vital and huge part of my journey.

I’m so pleased I made the decision to give myself this gift of learning the incredible ways that raw food enables our bodies to function as they were originally designed – to self heal. Leisa radiates with an abundance of knowledge and is charitable in conveying her personal experiences and in allowing time throughout the retreat to answer individual’s questions.

I’m new to detoxing and after experiencing the three days of juice fasting was pleasantly surprised to not feel hungry or deprived of food. The smoothies and juices were delicious and so easy to prepare. Jo’s meal demonstration classes introduced great techniques and proved that the dishes not only can taste good but look great. I love to entertain and can’t wait to have friends around to a gourmet raw meal that will knock their socks off, especially after devouring the delicious cheesecake desserts and learning that they just enjoyed a raw meal!

Best of all were Leisa’s lectures where she radiates with an abundance of knowledge as a naturopath, but also in the emotional aspects of healing. We all also appreciated her generosity in conveying her personal experiences and in allowing time throughout the retreat to answer individual’s questions.

The experience has shown me that my body has so easily and quickly converted to wanting raw food – the old cravings are no longer there. I’m now wanting less food and amazed at this result from just 5 days of detoxing at the retreat.

I am so grateful for meeting a wonderful group of supportive people attending the retreat and for the enjoyable moments we shared together in the lectures, conversations, meal times, walks, yoga, swimming and saunas. And, not to forget, Darby’s healing Ka-Huna massage which helped release deeper underlying emotions I still had after the recent passing of my husband. It has been a beautiful experience and has energised me further to embrace my new life. Thank you ‘lovely’ Leisa and your wonderful team.