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Byron Bay, NSW 2011

After the whirlwind tour across Australia & Bali with David Wolfe, it was a pleasure to be able to switch back a gear and enjoy a beautiful retreat with a lovely group of people at Tallow Beach Houses at Byron Bay. The weather didn’t quite co-operate with our visions of lying on the beach under a gentle autumn sun every day, but we had a great time, and the sun teased us here and there with a day of warmth for us to enjoy. This amazing group embraced everything! From juices to Kundalini Yoga; from colonics to sound healing, from Ka’Huna massage to sauna’s – if it was there, we did it!


If you are tired, fatigued and the doctor has no real honest answer or solution to assist you other than another toxic prescription to your already tired body and mind, then do yourself a favour and simply pick your retreat destination and book in. The money you invest in your health today will save you many dollars in the future. This investment will not only enlighten you and change your lifestyle forever but will also be of benefit to your whole family. If you have a chronic illness make sure you come as you will be glad you did. You are investing in yourself, your health, both mind, body and spirit! Thanks to everyone at the retreat, it was amazing and I will be back to further this wonderful journey!

When I first arrived I thought ‘I am just here for a detox, I’m not all that interested in going down the path of a raw food diet in my daily life.’ However, since tasting the amazing food created by Julie, Janne and Dorothy, and the compelling information supplied by lovely Leisa, I will incorporate elements, buy a dehydrator and get on track supplying my family nutrient packed food, snacks, desserts (OMG!) and meals. Thank you so much Leisa for creating such a wonderfully supportive environment – I cannot fault it (except for the Blue Bottle sting, but hey that was a lesson in itself!).

Leisa took away all our worries for the whole week’s retreat. Every detail was catered for. We were provided with delicious raw food, out of this world yoga, the best massage ever, detox and cleansing at very professional levels and of course Leisa’s abundance of nutritional up-to-date knowledge – things I will be presenting to my doctor when I get home. Leisa ran the retreat always with such calmness and gratitude and it was a pleasure to have her beautiful spirit with us each day. I will treasure my week at beautiful Byron Bay nurturing myself with a great bunch of like-minded people and connecting back with our roots. I thoroughly recommend Leisa’s retreats and I will be adding to my goal list to do one on a regular basis – this is truly a week where you can nourish you mind, body and spirit.

I feel like I have reconnected with my inner soul and awakened every cell in my body. I am truly blessed for being able to attend this retreat. I feel whole again. Thank you for everything Leisa.

It’s hard to put into words what this week was like. The retreat was well organised, highly informative, relaxing and fun! But besides this, what I took away from the week will profoundly change my outlook on food, and the world around me. Leisa, you are an amazing and very inspiring women and I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of attending your retreat. I will be coming again. Thank you!

The energy of Leisa and everyone working with her (including massage, yoga, colonics and chefs) is euphoric, yet grounded. The live their passion and it rubs off onto you. In such a loving, supportive environment the retreat is educational, transformative, healing and a lot of fun. Thanks for putting it all together Leisa, Huge Hugs!

This is my first detox retreat experience and it won’t be my last! It has been an empowering time in many aspects. The knowledge I have gained and confirmed will keep me on the path of good health for life. I will always remember this time and how great I’m beginning to feel and look, to keep inspired. Thank you Leisa and team, I really wish that we cross paths again. P.S. Be kind to your colon!

Meeting Leisa is like meeting an old friend – her warmth, humility, passion and life experiences are phenomenal! To have the opportunity to partake in that wealth of knowledge is a privilege. I gained so much from this retreat and would recommend it to anybody. It absolutely exceeded my expectations and I look forward to putting into practice all that I have learnt! Thank you Leisa and team.

The very first eight day Byron Bay retreat was an incredible experience, with a fantastic, diverse group of people – it was truly a transformational journey! I think the eight days really allowed us to get to know one another better and form some amazing friendships and support networks. We couldn’t have asked for better weather – Byron Bay was at its magical best, with brilliant blue skies, warm days to enjoy the beach (including the whales and dolphins) and that beautiful healing energy that is Byron. The combination of the incredible work of our Ka-huna massage therapists, the transformational breathing work, the yoga, sound healing, the talks and THE FOOD (oh… the food!!) – made it a very holistic experience that we all got a lot out of. Much love to you all!


The 5 day fast was amazing, and I felt fantastic afterwards, it was such a relaxing week! Leisa you are fantastic! Your energy is inspirational! I love you to bits!

A perfect 5 day fast to kick start my sluggish system back onto the right track. A brilliant way to consolidate healthy food choices, remind you of your body’s wisdom and a most restful escape from a busy schedule. I’ll be back next year!

Being a Practitioner of Natural Medicine, I have been strong for so many seeking help and support, together with carrying an inaugural development project of 37 apartments on my own has been somewhat daunting. I knew I was on the brink of a complete meltdown…… ready for a total “makeover”. It’s not about strength, it’s about balance!! This Retreat has detoxed, rejuvenated, restored and revitalised me completely, and it’s only the beginning of a new way of living! The culmination of Leisa’s collective experience is evident in her ability to package a comprehensive program, with the insight to select the right type of venue, impart relevant health information supported with the right balance of different hand picked specialists to enhance the detox process of body, mind and emotions. Our bodies were stretched each morning with yoga. Our digestive system was given the opportunity to be spring cleaned with juices and colonic irrigation. Our taste buds were re-educated to relish fresh food, for we have largely lost the meaning of real food. Fresh, wholsesome food being more satisfying as our bodies can absorb real nutrients to keep us well. Being a foodie, the pleasure of raw cuisine is ecstatic under the creative magic of masterchef Julie Mitsios showcasing raw cuisine at an international 5 star level! The ultimate unexpected ecstasy was the Kahuna massages, the power of therapeutic touch together with singing was a primal experience, taking me back to my childhood of unconditional love. All in all this Retreat was a life changing experience worth every cent!! I’ve been to many Health Retreats and this has been by far the most memorable….. I’m inspired to make better choices with fresh food, natural nutrition, to share what I’ve learnt and experienced with my family, friends and patients, thank you Leisa.