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WOW! Words cannot describe the subtle transformations that just kept coming for me. An unbelievable experience that far exceeded any of my expectations – all of which was due to the most inspiring, beautiful, compassionate and nurturing team Leisa has surrounding her and within her – AMAZING! The therapies, yoga and programs, guests and education sessions were world class – the juices and food – divine! I have honestly not felt this great for I don’t know how long and am so, so glad that I jumped and pushed the button to book this incredible retreat. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for the new memories, new friendships and a fabulous adventure – that just keeps opening up. Xoxo

I came to Leisa’s Embracing Life Retreat for education about health and detoxing. I received amazing information about food, nutrition and detoxing but also received an incredible education about emotional healing, letting go and self awareness. I can’t quiet put into words what this retreat has given me but I leave with a healthy body, clear mind, full heart, dear friends and renewed ‘fire for my life’. Thank you to Leisa, Rhianna, Ange, Kate and Paulie. You are all angels and I am so grateful our lives have crossed xxxxx

Wonderful time out to reinforce my lifestyle decisions with like minded people. The level of knowledge and love from the group and staff was inspirational. Beautiful setting to be pampered and rested xxx

I attended the same retreat, this time last year and was so impressed with the entire retreat that I had to do it all again. Leisa’s attention to detail is meticulous and her depth of knowledge in the area of health and wellbeing is phenomenal. This is a program I intend to schedule into my calender every year to assist me in keeping on track with my health – mind, body, and spirit. This has to be the best value for money retreat out there today and it’s definitely the best money I have spent on myself – EVER!!!

So many things were exceptional. The professionalism of the entire team. The fabulous food and juice. The information we were given. The wonderful sharing of the group. Both yoga teachers (great sessions Ange!) The sound healing, breath work and Paulies Session! Great retreat Leisa. A big ‘thank you’ to you and the great team for creating such a wonderful space, and for your energy and warmth.

Embracing Life was the perfect balance of good food, information and relaxation. Through Leisa’s knowledge and positive spirit my self-awareness has been taken to a new level – Thank you! In particular, I have a much deeper awareness of the way all aspects (emotional, spiritual, physical) work together to create the perfect self. Thank you so much Embracing Life!!

I arrived with quite a few addictions, especially tobacco. The journey thru the week of my 1st detox program was not so difficult as I expected. The team supported us/me in so many ways. The program is designed for us to make our own judgement and educate us on healthy eating and living. Also giving us the tools to live a healthier life. I also found it a spiritual journey of growth and renewal, which was necessary for my healing, which in turn changed my mind set on my reasons for addictions. Leisa creates a space/ environment for us to grow, heal, rest and come out better people. She gives the opportunity and tools to be able to live to our highest potential. Thank you, ever grateful.

Leisa, Until I participated in this retreat I doubted my ability to plan for myself the best diet regime to give me optimal health. Living by myself I was lazy, not particularly motivated, and unimaginative in my food preparations. By the end of your retreat I felt and looked so much lighter within my body and healthier, my skin and hair was shining. The colonic irrigation’s gave me the boost and incentive to continue to be good to my body, and I soon realised how easy it was to create yummy raw healthy food – I’m converted! My friends here at home said I was clowing! Thank you to all your great staff, I have cherished memories of you all, and thank you for the gift of understanding you gave me – I’ll be back!

This was my second retreat with Leisa (the 1st was 3 years ago). I can honestly say I got even more out of this retreat in terms of knowledge, support and new experiences. It was a reminder/ affirmation to stay with a healthy eating lifestyle and opened my experience with Raw Food. I loved the transformational breathing lecture and I will definitely be back in the future.

I was fortunate enough to have the retreat gifted to my from a dear friend, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The retreat is one of the best experiences in life I have had thus far, and I definitely will be attending many more ran by Leisa in the future.

This is my third retreat with the inspiring and talented Leisa, and without doubt the best to date. I was blessed that due to a last minute cancellation I was able to be included. For me the past 12 months have been extremely challenging – culminating in major surgery and three deaths in the past eight weeks of close family members 0 including my mother-in-law and my precious Mum. The spiritual environment of Ubud along with the setting of the retreat was completely complemented by the amazing fellow attendees that were present. Of course to put the absolute magic in to the experience were the wonderful staff. Leisa’s so inspiring, open, knowledgeable and loving. Ange so calm, gentle and uplifting. Cat – so amazing and inspiring with her raw food, juice and smoothie knowledge and recipes and so caring and giving. Thank you for everything. I have been so inspired by this Ubud retreat experience to re-evaluate my life, my lifestyle and commit to making a difference to myself, my health and to those around me by being a true influence and modelling all that I have learnt and walked through. Thank you so much for the chance to re-join my health and my renewed positive outlook on life and a healthy future.

Leisa and team have put together such an incredible program and having the retreat in Ubud, Bali has been perfect! I have gained so much knowledge and awareness about diet, cleansing, emotional healing (learning the importance of it all and how it comes together). I feel like I have so many tools to take home with me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have this experiences and to meet such incredible people with such kind hearts and like minds. Especially, I am so chuffed I got to go on this awesome journey with my Mum, is a great thing to do with loved ones. The hints and tips, along with newly learnt knowledge, are so helpful for when we return to our everyday lives – living with so much more fulfilment. And, oh my goodness, the raw food is unbelievable divine, such talent, passion and love goes into it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have experienced another fantastic retreat with Leisa and her team, and this time at beautiful Ubud in Bali. All aspects of healing are covered so well as the years of hard work, research and experience of Leisa certainly bear fruit – Pardon the pun! Ifeel great gratitude to Leisa and Ange for all their support and love all the way through the detox and to know that it doesn’t just stop at the end of the retreat, but there is continued support for when you leave and go home. The five days of juicing included a huge variety of juices, each juice given to us is explained for their cleanings and healing properties. And the big plus is they are so tasty too. Of course our wonderful Cat, who prepares all our delicious food from the heart. I love her passion in all she does. Her raw food prep classes include so many practical ideas for us to take home with us… and her chocolate… WOW!