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Ubud, Bali 2012

Oh Bali, how I love you! What a magical, spellbinding place to run a retreat! Villa Gaia is such a beautiful setting, overlooking the lush green rice fields – and the staff there are just the most kind, generous and hard-working people! We had a huge group for this March 2012 Retreat – the first one of the year and a booked out event! We were privileged to have Julie Dickson and Lucas Scheffel there to film the retreat for their TV pilot of ReTreat Me – I can’t wait to see the footage!


This is my third experience at Leisa’s retreats, and once again I am leaving with more knowledge, information and sense of peace. My intention to create the abundance I need to keep inspiring others will be my mantra when I return home. You are an earth angel Leisa and I give thanks for you being in my life. I will be promoting your retreats to my customers and friends.

The fact I’ve attended six of Leisa’s retreats, speaks for itself… Her combination of astounding health wisdom, along with the amazing locations and divine raw foods, makes it an experience everyone should indulge in. You undergo a total detox of mind, body and spirit and come back into your life and the world with renewed energy, clarity and enthusiasm. Thank you Leisa – you’re an ANGEL!!!

The juice fasting was fabulous. Bali is a great place to do it! Great people – thanks so much for organising this retreat!

This was my first time doing an Embracing Life! Retreat and also my first time in Bali, and I knew this was the right place to go and ‘Embrace Life!’. I’d read the testimonials, that this retreat was life-changing for people, and I didn’t believe it, so had to see it for myself. WOW, no doubt it was exactly that, life-changing for me. I met amazing people along with Leisa being one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met. Her retreat is worth every dollar spent. I got exactly what I needed from this experience and more. I learnt to just be me again and I’m thankful for that! Shanti xxxx

As my first trip to Bali, it was amazing and a total escape from my everyday life. The Embracing Life! Retreat gave me the opportunity to learn about improving the way I live my life. What I take home and use in everyday life remains to be seen, but it has definitely given me the tools to start my new journey. Thank you for a wonderful week!

The Embracing Life! Retreat is one I would definitely recommend for anyone chasing health issues. It is a fast track to getting your mind, body and soul in balance. The five day juice fast helped kick-start my digestive system into many great health benefits for my body, including losing 4kg. I still felt amazing during the detox, I didn’t get sick at all. This retreat is suitable for anyone, of any age, and from all walks of life. Thank you Leisa and team, it was a pleasure.

The Embracing Life! Retreat was the most profound and life-changing experience. I met the most wonderful people and made life-changing discoveries and decisions that can only make me grateful! Leisa and her staff, Ange & Julie, are so experienced and full of knowledge and friendship. Julie prepares the most amazing food and Ange is simply a bundle of love, joy and humour. Leisa is so warm and caring, and there is simply no way for you to not make huge discoveries about yourself, your health, and the universe, unless you choose not to… Thank you to ALL who attended my retreat – I will never forget this.

This is my 3rd retreat with Leisa… We all stray from the path, and a reminder that our health is our only real piece of wealth is something that needs to be refreshed. I live in a busy, stressful world, and need to regenerate, let go, and give myself a gift occasionally. That’s what Leisa’s retreats are – a way to reward ourselves, love ourselves, and learn. Not to mention the amazing people I’ve met at each retreat!

As a practicing naturopath with years of experience and a strong client base, I am well aware how much misleading and conflicting information there is out there in regards to diet and health. Leisa’s Embracing Life! Retreat provides correct information of a high quality and a fantastic environment to kick-start learning and healing. I strongly recommend anyone with a chronic disease / condition attend. I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat myself and loved the connections made by Leisa and the guest speakers between mind and body; emotions, and physical disease. Keep up the great work Leisa!

Embracing Life was the perfect balance of good food, information and relaxation. Through Leisa’s knowledge and positive spirit my self-awareness has been taken to a new level – Thank you! In particular, I have a much deeper awareness of the way all aspects (emotional, spiritual, physical) work together to create the perfect self. Thank you so much Embracing Life!!

I arrived with quite a few addictions, especially tobacco. The journey thru the week of my 1st detox program was not so difficult as I expected. The team supported us/me in so many ways. The program is designed for us to make our own judgement and educate us on healthy eating and living. Also giving us the tools to live a healthier life. I also found it a spiritual journey of growth and renewal, which was necessary for my healing, which in turn changed my mind set on my reasons for addictions. Leisa creates a space/ environment for us to grow, heal, rest and come out better people. She gives the opportunity and tools to be able to live to our highest potential. Thank you, ever grateful.

Leisa, Until I participated in this retreat I doubted my ability to plan for myself the best diet regime to give me optimal health. Living by myself I was lazy, not particularly motivated, and unimaginative in my food preparations. By the end of your retreat I felt and looked so much lighter within my body and healthier, my skin and hair was shining. The colonic irrigation’s gave me the boost and incentive to continue to be good to my body, and I soon realised how easy it was to create yummy raw healthy food – I’m converted! My friends here at home said I was clowing! Thank you to all your great staff, I have cherished memories of you all, and thank you for the gift of understanding you gave me – I’ll be back!