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Byron Bay, NSW 2012

I had an excellent experience at Embracing Health’s 6 day detox retreat in Byron Bay. This was the perfect amount of time for me to regather my thoughts on my diet, health, exercise and how I could improve my time management. I am a health conscious individual after a serious diagnosis, however, it is still easy to slip into old patterns especially as a busy, working, mother of two. I loved the whole staffs encouragement, education and support and felt safe and comfortable as our wonderful group detoxed together. I made new friends and really enjoyed the natural environment, beach location. Thank you Liesa and team.

In a word – awesome! Leisa has thought of everything. She provides quality information, caring staff, a great location and a fun attitude. There is an abundance of knowledge to be gained. Thanks Leisa!

WOW! Words cannot describe the subtle transformations that just kept coming for me. An unbelievable experience that far exceeded any of my expectations – all of which was due to the most inspiring, beautiful, compassionate and nurturing team Leisa has surrounding her and within her – AMAZING! The therapies, yoga and programs, guests and education sessions were world class – the juices and food – divine! I have honestly not felt this great for I don’t know how long and am so, so glad that I jumped and pushed the button to book this incredible retreat. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for the new memories, new friendships and a fabulous adventure – that just keeps opening up. Xoxo

I came to Leisa’s Embracing Life Retreat for education about health and detoxing. I received amazing information about food, nutrition and detoxing but also received an incredible education about emotional healing, letting go and self awareness. I can’t quiet put into words what this retreat has given me but I leave with a healthy body, clear mind, full heart, dear friends and renewed ‘fire for my life’. Thank you to Leisa, Rhianna, Ange, Kate and Paulie. You are all angels and I am so grateful our lives have crossed xxxxx

Wonderful time out to reinforce my lifestyle decisions with like minded people. The level of knowledge and love from the group and staff was inspirational. Beautiful setting to be pampered and rested xxx

I attended the same retreat, this time last year and was so impressed with the entire retreat that I had to do it all again. Leisa’s attention to detail is meticulous and her depth of knowledge in the area of health and wellbeing is phenomenal. This is a program I intend to schedule into my calender every year to assist me in keeping on track with my health – mind, body, and spirit. This has to be the best value for money retreat out there today and it’s definitely the best money I have spent on myself – EVER!!!

So many things were exceptional. The professionalism of the entire team. The fabulous food and juice. The information we were given. The wonderful sharing of the group. Both yoga teachers (great sessions Ange!) The sound healing, breath work and Paulies Session! Great retreat Leisa. A big ‘thank you’ to you and the great team for creating such a wonderful space, and for your energy and warmth.

The term ‘retreat’ barely captures the profound learning experience of Leisa’s 8 day detox journey. It was a privilege to be invited to share, through such a carefully constructed scaffold program, the deep and extensive knowledge that clearly underpins its design. Delicious nourishing juices enable hunger– free fasting; colonics look after the other end. Cooking classes and many take home goodies help guarantee that the learning doesn’t stop at the close of the retreat. Leisa has created around her an extraordinary nurturing team whose spirit infuses everything – the yoga, the massage, the food – all the services available. As a lifelong educator of adults, I know a good one when I see one – Leisa is a natural. Thank you!

This being my first retreat I wasn’t sure what to expect event though I was told to “be open.” The beautiful spiritual feeling here was immediate for me. The trees, the cottages, the natural environment, the walking track and the beach. What an amazing place this is. Then began our fast for the next five days as we got to taste the different flavours. Along with this, my favourite, the yoga. I am converted. The feeling of being able to have permission to let go of all past hates, angers etc. and allow all that is pure, good, beautiful into my body was an amazing experience. Then the walks along the beautiful beach were outstanding. Each day was a journey of discovery for me and finding that I can really and truly love my body for all the scars and ‘flabby bits’ and now nurture every part internal and external. I feel soft now. I feel renewed and look forward to applying all the learning’s that is going to make very significant changes in my life.

This was my second experience, and it just gets better! I feel I have a far deeper understanding of all the amazing information Leisa so generously gives. The team of people she gathered together to support us were simply AMAZING!!

This was my second Embracing Health retreat in 12 months. I had such an amazing life changing experience on the first retreat that I just knew that I had to come back. Leisa communicates how important and easy it is to be truly healthy and gives everyone the knowledge and power to make real changes into their lives. After the first retreat I changed my diet to an organic, whole food with lots of raw superfoods, and doubled my energy levels. The second retreat has furthered my detox experience and my intention of dumping as much ‘old baggage’ was fulfilled. Leisa is an amazing spirit that attracts a unique and nurturing team of staff and retreat guests that help you on your healing journey. Thank you!

I have never experienced anything so physically, mentally, and emotionally cleansing than this Embracing Health Retreat. This is my second raw food retreat with Leisa, and the team are amazingly talented healers with Leisa leading the show. Throughout the whole week, I felt supported as well as nourished. The information, workshops and group activities were excellent quality. And the bonding with the people in the group has created many friendships. I am able to manage my health and diet with more confidence and assurance with the tools to carry on at home. Thank you Leisa and the Byron Bay Team! I’m coming back again for sure! Xx