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Sunshine Coast, QLD 2008

Thank you Leisa for a truly wonderful week of health and knowledge. The week has been a fascinating journey. When I arrived I was full of aches and pains as well as being tired and rundown due to my hectic lifestyle. I have come from feeling like I could not get out of bed in the morning to jumping out of bed to have a jog (something I have not done for many years). Not only do I feel absolutely fantastic, I have skills and knowledge to take with me to enhance my life from here on in. I am very grateful to you and your wonderful caring team for the work, knowledge, effort and patience you have given all of us this week. Your attention to detail from the goodie bags on arrival to the hand-outs and lists of resources is truly appreciated. Thank you Leisa, Trudy, Trish and Annie.

It was great to take time out and do the six day detox program with Leisa at the Embracing Life! Retreat. It wasn’t arduous at all, as the juices were delicious and sustaining and the raw food tasty and well presented. There were many little touches that showed thought and attention to detail. I feel re-invigorated with fresh enthusiasm to incorporate the raw food style of living into my families life. I heartily recommend this program to anyone interesting true “health insurance”. Apart from not having colonics, I think the program was well rounded and complete.

The experience of being one of the first people in the first group to experience the first Embracing Life! Retreat, I feel truly grateful. Leisa Wheeler and her team are sensational. My life is more positive and I feel very healthy. Also I have gained so much more knowledge. Thank you Leisa, you are very special.

“Thank you! I have learnt heaps of information to use at home. Impressed with the retreat and appreciate how much effort has been put in. Feel great!”

Lowest stress, most enjoyable detox ever. Got lots of great info to take home.

Leisa and her team have created an amazing space where I felt totally relaxed and nurtured. Having experienced detox retreats during my path to healing and well being, Embracing Life! Retreat certainly delivered, and surpassed all my expectations! Leisa’s attention to detail fulfilled my hearts desires while detoxing – wonderful massages, concise and understandable lectures, delicious organic juices, rainbow coloured raw food meals, far infra-red sauna’s were re-energising, energetic morning walks, serene and calming yoga, wonderful discussions with like-minded souls. I would absolutely recommend the Embracing Life! Retreat to anyone interested in radiant, vibrant health!

Leisa, you covered everything you promised and more. Your team was excellent, your knowledge is amazing. Thank you for helping me in life and guiding me in this crazy world. Can’t wait for the next one! God Bless.

Leisa went to such attention to detail with the little touches – e.g. organic soap, skin brushes, journal, face mask etc. the food was superb – no expense spared as far as organic fruit and vegetables – taste was superior. The talks were very informative and interesting – Leisa is very knowledgeable. Also Trish, Trudy and Annie were excellent. I enjoyed this retreat very much.

If you have health problems, are just not feeling good or just want to pick yourself up, then this program is what you need. After six days I feel fantastic, full of energy and vitality. A major plus is having Leisa presenting the health information of which she is extremely knowledgeable. Great job Leisa!

“This was a very positive informative and empowering retreat. I am leaving feeling so much healthier and will take with me many helpful ideas to make valuable changes to my life.”

As a 20 year old it was great for me to learn more about the importance of food and nutrition, I feel that now I can attempt to implement this way of life and slowly integrate it into my daily routine. Even if I do not stick to it completely at first, I feel that I have layed down the foundation for my future health. I learnt so much about the importance of live nutrition and quality, it really opened my eyes to see the true injustices we force our planet to live through every day (and in turn the disregard we hold for the value of life) The DVD’s were amazing and 100% effective in demonstrating the true messages behind the importance of food and its magical qualities. The food at the retreat was amazing and showed me things I never thought possible with just the raw ingredients of our planet. Thanks so much to Leisa and her team of Raw Super Hero’s!