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At Embracing Health we strongly believe that it is important for us to give back. While we were holding one of our retreats in Bali we discovered the organisation Senang Hati (Translates to Happy Hearts) – they are working to build a society that accepts, and values people, especially children, with disabilities. Senang Hati provides accommodation and teaches skills such as art and crafts, cooking and music, as well as providing medical support and disability aids such as wheelchairs.

In Bali, it is believed that children born with disabilities are being punished for sins in a past life, and as such they are often seen as a disgrace to a Balinese family. Senang Hati is working to educate the community on the causes of the disabilities and providing support to these people. We regularly donate to this wonderful organisation, and at each of our Bali retreats we always visit their centre to spend a day with the residents. Many of our guests donate money and time to help these beautiful people.

If you would like to see more you can find their website here:

Embracing Health looks forward to expanding their charitable work over the coming years.