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About Us

Embracing Health

Embracing Health is a business dedicated to changing lives through education about how to create vibrant health. Specialising in fatigue disorders, Embracing Health has a focus on food as medicine, detoxification, the environment with an emphasis on organics, abundance in all areas of life, the emotional aspects of healing and living life on purpose, Embracing Health offers a comprehensive exploration of holistic healing.

Embracing Health was founded in 2007 by Leisa Wheeler. Since then, Embracing Health has evolved to encompass a popular blog, newsletters, videos, podcasts, naturopathic consulting, functional pathology testing services, detox retreats, an online store, membership club, tour co-ordination and public speaking events. The signature Embracing Health Detox, Healing and Raw Food Retreats are held throughout Australia and in Bali and the naturopathically designed, supportive nature of the retreats, sees guests return year after year.

In addition to all of this, founder Leisa Wheeler has been working on her book focusing on issues of fatigue, The ‘F’ Word Solution, being launched in February 2015. It encompasses all aspects of the Embracing Health philosophy. The branches of the Embracing Health business support readers in their healing journey, whether it is through educational articles on the blog, gaining in-depth information in the membership club, ordering testing services or superfoods, having a naturopathic consultation or attending an Embracing Health Retreat.


Embracing Health Mission

  • To empower and inspire people with knowledge to make changes in their lives so that they can experience better physical, emotional and spiritual health.
  • To guide people through their health challenges by educating them about food as medicine, detoxification and the emotional aspects of healing.
  • To create with the Embracing Health Retreats, a space for shared wisdom, to remind us of what is important in life, to recognise the healing power found in a group, and to make connections from the heart in a supportive, nurturing environment that changes lives.


Meet Leisa


Leisa Wheeler is a practicing naturopath, health author and fatigue specialist. As the founder and director of Embracing Health, her business is dedicated to the holistic care of patients from evidence based complementary healthcare to the integration of emotional healing, detoxification and food as medicine.

Leisa spent several years coaching people through an intensive detoxification program as the naturopath at one of Australia’s leading health retreats, and from there went on to develop her own internationally recognised comprehensive retreat program.

 With a clinical focus on fatigue disorders including, thyroid disease, adrenal and hormonal imbalances, Leisa has authored The ‘F’ Word Solution, a specialist text on all aspects of fatigue to be published in February 2015. As a presenter, Leisa has educated on functional medicine, raw food, detoxification and integrative health case management, with the ability to share complex knowledge in a practical and educational manner.


Meet Rhianna


Rhianna Smith is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, working particularly with the Health Mentoring Program, blog and retreats within Embracing Health.

“Natural medicine, for me is about wholism- treating the whole. We are so much more than an arm or a leg, a stomach or a heart. When I treat my patients I look at the big picture and it is most often the big picture which points us in the direction of the underlying cause!”

Rhianna puts a fun and humerous twist in her blog posts, which always makes for a great read. From how to do a stress free stool test to a step by step guide to dream boards and goal setting – Rhianna covers a range of topics that are sure to be entertaining and informative!

You may know Rhianna from the retreats as she has become an invaluable part of the team, and her regular Facebook posts and articles will give you an insight into the little things you can incorporate on a daily basis to live the healthy life you want.

Rhianna’s passion is sharing her knowledge so that it becomes easily accessible to everyone without them having to be a fully qualified naturopath. She loves spending time on the water, and experimenting with recipes, and exploring foreign places for their cultural ideas, amazing locations, and different health views.