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Wow!! What a journey these past 8 night have been!! There are so many things that I have discovered and learned along the way!! Leisa is one incredible lady who I admire so much. Her passion and love for what she does really shines through with her lectures, talks and guidance. All the stuff was amazing and I really felt safe and looked after the whole time. The juices, smoothies, raw food, lectures, activities all flowed on from one another perfectly and you could tell that this was a well designed program. THIS IS MORE THAN JUICE PEOPLE – I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT!! I would say that this is a must for everyone to experience in their life. Let go of the guilt and put yourself and your health first!! The breakthroughs I have experienced include emotional healing, clearer eyes and skin, clarity as to where I see my future and a spot on naturopathic session where I now have my own healing plan designed for me. YAY Just so happy!

What a great experience to bring/teach people back to basics and Leisa does such a great job of doing it!

My motivation for attending one of Leisa’s detox retreats was driven by the desire to clear out toxins from the physical body, so I could reap the benefits of a healthy diet. What I experienced over the eight night retreat went way beyond my expectations of a physical detox!

The package Leisa has put together, including a thoroughly thought through juice fast – lovingly prepared by Andrea & Jules; Kahuna massage by Sam & Paulie, who never ceased to amaze me with their constant warmth and enveloping & nurturing energy; Transformative Breathing with Alakh and her incredible team introducing us to the power of Breathwork – wow! Sound Healing Meditation with Brian and Alora sharing their magical healing sounds, utilising an amazing range of unusual instruments from all over the world, followed by the mysterious sounds of whales and dolphins – so powerful! Colonics with Natalie, Michelle or Brooke who’s professionalism and knowledge was very comforting; Far Infrared Sauna – far better than a steam sauna on so many levels; Raw Food Preparation Demo’s by Andrea who exudes passion for raw food from every pore – who wouldn’t want to eat raw food after watching and tasting! Yoga – Caroline’s classes specifically tailored to enhance our detox journey were wonderful, with her chanting at the beginning and end of each class mesmerising!

Vision Boards – with Rhianna taking us through an exercise on focusing our thoughts to manifest our dreams; Naturopathic consults – an appointment with Rhianna to talk about any health issues, followed up with a full report sent out after the retreat. Also having two Naturopath’s on hand – Leisa & Rhianna – to pick their brains about absolutely everything throughout the entire retreat was invaluable; and the Comprehensive Lectures and notes – Leisa has covered off on everything, they are all encompassing and very easy to understand.

The entire week Kate and Rhianna worked tirelessly to ensure spaces were set up and cleaned up, tables were ready for meals and juices and foods served for all 26 retreatees, always with beautiful smiles and encouraging words and energy.

Spending eight days with 26 other retreatees we’d never met before was amazing. The stories and experiences shared openly and the warmth and encouragement shared and friendships formed will remain with me always.

The whole experience has been mind-blowing. It’s difficult to put into words what I’m taking away with me on all levels – physical, mental and emotional.


Thank you to Leisa and her amazing team for steering me in a direction I’m very excited to explore further.