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Ubud, Bali 2014

On behalf of all of us here at the ‘2014 Bali Retreat’, we thank you all for your care, support, guidance and shared knowledge throughout the last ten days. Nobody’s hard work went un-noticed (especially) behind the scenes, and all your efforts are greatly appreciated. It has been an amazing, transformational life experience and the knowledge and information we have acquired has prepared us for our spiritual and physical journey towards good health, peace and inner happiness.

Love and best wishes to you all xxxxx

Thank you so much to everyone involved in this retreat. It has truly been a life changing experience for me. To be able to take time out from my normal hectic life with young children was such a blessing. Not having to prepare one meal for nine days – or clean up a meal – was beautiful. Trudy’s calm and informative nature was wonderful. Rhianna’s knowledge was great and Andrea’s happy smile and (mostly!) fabulous drinks and foods were inspiring and uplifting. I will recommend this retreat to all of my friends and clients. Bali was mind-blowingly beautiful. Thank you Leisa for a wonderful, restful, relaxing and rejuvenating retreat.

A wonderful gift of knowledge to myself that I can incorporate into my life.

My experience at the Embracing Health Retreat was one of the most profound life changing experiences in my life. It was a spiritual as well as physical journey with amazing mentors who continually supported, guided and shared their remarkable knowledge and wisdom endlessly with each and every one of us.

I recommend this retreat to everyone. It can only change your life in the most positive way. Not only do you learn and understand about good food, nutrition and hoe it ‘can’ heal your body, but also how much clarity and inner happiness you can feel when y9ou take the time out to care and nurture your body and how much it can reward you if you do. You don’t know how much inner and outer strength you have until you have experienced an Embracing Health Retreat.

A thoughtfully put together retreat, presented by wonderful people. Highly recommended.

Thank you for your guidance through a life-changing journey, it has made a clear path for my way to a healthy life.

The retreat provided an environment that felt safe and relaxing to detox. Detoxing is something I don’t do. I have done this once before with Embracing Health, in Bali, three years ago. Both retreats were fantastic and a great environment to detox. Especially for me as I would have no idea about detoxing at home, but with what I have learnt and the written information I received, I would be confident to do a three to five day detox at home. The other activities included to assist with detoxing were also very beneficial. I will be leaving the retreat with some fantastic information on creating a better, healthier and spiritual life for myself and my family. Thank you to the fantastic Embracing Health Team xxxxxx