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It is like we came to the health retreat as a dormant seed and planted in an nourishing and nurturing environement where the seed was watered to sproud and grow into a great tree.

Before spending my hard-earned cash I read every written testimonial and watched every video testimonial on Leisa’s retreats. Accordingly Leisa and her team had a lot to live up to! They were truly amazing. Every single one of her team is a wonderful and caring person with so much knowledge. Leisa goes to an incredbile amount of trouble to make sure everything is perfect. The absolutely scrumptious food at the end, uncooked by Cat was well worth the effort of the 5 days of juice detox. I thoroughly enjoyed my week with fun, like-minded people and would happily do it again.

I am a 22 year old girl who came here to quit smoking - I was going to walk away happy if this helped in any way! I have been absolutely blown away with how esaily I have done this, along with gaining so, so much knowledge about food, life and health. I am so excited for the next dates to come out for future retreats. I would recommend this to anyone and plan on bringing my friends along on many more. Last note - Cat the Chef is the most talented chef, as she has made a non- juice drinker, enjoy juice! Many thanks to Leisa and the gorgeous staff.

Leisa’s knowledge on all aspects of healing our body through detox and raw food is amazing. Leia’s own personal journey she shares is a credit to the girl she has become today. Her love and support to us all as we go on our journey is truly lovely. The mixed knowledge from all her team, Cat, Ange and Rhi who are all very willing to support us and share their advice, makes it a more pleasant expereince and has been truly amazing. This is my second retreat and I would highly recommend anyone who wants to make changes to their lifestyle believing ‘Food is our Medicine”, to come along – your body will be grateful to the changes. I have made a commitment to do this yearly detox with Leisa to give my body the love and respect it deserves. Thank you Leisa!

Having never been without food for more than a day in my life, I had no concept of what to expect. Having misread the information and expecting a 3 day juice fast, to find out on arrival it was 5 days, was confronting. However to see, day by day, the changes to my body and what I had been carrying around inside of me for all these years, was a revelation. Anytime it got tough a juice would be there to get me through, or my body would remind me why I was here. Leisa and her amazing staff, Cat the amazing Chef, Ange the angel and yoga provacateur, Rhi the sweet and generous right hand of Leisa, made the whole expereince more memorable. Eating healthy, eating well, treating my body like the sacred temple it is will not be a fad or a ‘stage I’m going through.’ These women have taught me lessons, knowledge and given me expereinces that I can feel already are becoming a part of the fabric of my being. My life will be richer, my mind and body more healthy, for having spent eight short days of my life with this beautiful, generous, amazing, group of people. Bless you and thank you.