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Healthy Inside & Out CD

AUD 25.00

Everything You Wanted to Know About Colonic Hydrotherapy But Were Too Afraid to Ask.

Interview with Sally Hawkins.

Sally Hawkins is an experienced Colonic Hydrotherapist, and in this hour long interview she takes us on a journey through the digestive system, sharing her story of how colonics saved her health, and giving insight into the importance of having a healthy digestive system.  From the history of colonic hydrotherapy to the safety of the treatment; from how a colonic session happens, to what type of ailments it can help to heal, Sally shares her extensive knowledge with us, and sheds light on the many mysteries that cloud this gentle and effective therapy.

This CD is featured in the fourth Module of the Embracing Health Membership Club, all members receiving a download of the interview as a part of their membership.